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Handwritten notes on film and art

It happens with fish. Sometimes, on opening it another fish appears inside. With this work, the reader will have an even bigger surprise, like a Matryoshka doll with three figures, finding a book that contains other books which, in turn, are home to a third: the book that Jorge Oteiza never wrote but left noted in the blank margins of the books in his library. It is Oteiza at his most brilliant, when he reads alone, pen in hand, and shows himself to be free and rapid, agile and scathing in his rapid annotations. And it is Oteiza in the margin, this area that allows him to be in perpetual debate with himself and with Eisenstein or Nietzsche, Ignacio de Loyola and Le Corbusier, Borges or Mallarmé, in whose books he notes down his declaration for film in which space is de-occupied. Oteiza in the garden of his ideas, which is also contemplated with the publication of other gems also written in his handwriting: film notes, film critiques and scripts that never saw the light of day. A filmmaker without films, but with ideas to make a film about time, another about a tree, a documentary on Velázquez, another on a river, a film based on Ulysses by Joyce, another titled Once Again, another called I Don’t Want to Die.

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