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Ideology of the Festival
  • To Punto de Vista, a documentary is a meeting point.

  • Punto de Vista is a space where encounters occur at different levels, in an innovative, groundbreaking spirit.

  • Punto de Vista focuses on those filmmakers who take risks and make bold statements with their work, always on the quest.

  • Punto de Vista appreciates filmmakers' moral commitment to the subjects in their films and the audiences that watch them.

  • The Official Selection of Punto de Vista encourages the understanding of reality and the independent forms of expression.

  • Punto de Vista celebrates non-fiction film.

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Official Section

Every year, Pamplona becomes the gravitational centre of international documentary film for seven days in February, and, as of the 2017 edition, in March. Productions from all around the world compete in their different formats, capturing reality from a different point of view: that of independent and socially necessary expression. The Official Selection is thus open to a wide range of contemporary non-fiction film registers and styles. Punto de Vista is one of the first events on the film industry's calendar, picking the best of the previous season and planting the seeds of the most interesting future trends.

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Beyond current affairs, film memory, the look across, reflection. Since its first edition, Punto de Vista has known that it is one of the main tasks of a film festival to work very closely with the people, inviting them to think about film and helping them deepen their knowledge. This is why the Festival has always created spaces to focus on names, trends, countries, or movements that are worth having a closer look at.

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Special Sessions

Expanding the concept of documentary beyond film screenings. This is the main purpose of the special sessions in Punto de Vista. They also focus on the work of the Festival's special guests, screening their films and planning complementary activities.

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X Films Project

Navarre documentary film festival Punto de Vista launched in 2010 a project in order to offer emerging Spanish documentary makers the opportunity to shoot in Navarre an essay-like formaudiovisual creation. X Films Project, initiative of Punto de Vista and the Department of Culture, Sport and Youth of the Government of Navarra, recovers the spirit of the Navarre X Films producer, founded by Juan Huarte in 1963 with the idea of producing films that “show a singular artistic interest or represent special values” andspecialized in risky productions, betting by most innovative, ambitious and experimental films, until 80s, when the film producer disappeared.

The aim of this Project is double: on the one hand, provide directors the possibility to develop new works; on the other hand, year on year those workscreate a group of pieces which means an approach to new voices of the documentary to the people of Navarre. Thus, over time a polyhedral approach to Navarre will be generated and, at the same time, mainly, X Films Project foster no fiction audio-visual creations and Punto de Vista becomes a must in innovative spirit documentary makers’ agenda.

Gobierno de Navarra Cultura Navarra
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte Teatro Gayarre
Fundación Caja Navarra Planetario de Pamplona Filmoteca de Navarra Acción Cultural Española

Audio-lab Drac Màgic Artium
Dferia Iberescena Azala Espacio

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