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Punto de Vista has an antecedent in the Navarra Audiovisual Creation Festival, a festival celebrating audiovisual creations held from 1993 to 2002. Videos, computer animation, and auteur documentary films had a prominent place in this festival; there even was a competition for them. In 1998, CD-ROM and Internet creations were added to the competition, in an attempt to include the new artistic languages that emerged from the use of new technologies.

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The 1st Punto de Vista Festival was directed by Ana Herrera, who relied on Carlos Muguiro's advice for the identification of main lines and the design of the Festival's identity before its launch.

Since 2006, Punto de Vista has had an Executive Director and an Artistic Director. Artistic directors change every four years, so that the Festival can benefit from the contributions of various film experts. Since its inception, Punto de Vista has also had a Selection Committee, whose members choose the films that enter the Official Selection.

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Jean VigoThe Punto de Vista festival sees Jean Vigo as a permanent point of reference and guide, which every year we try to cultivate and stimulate with the help and friendship of Luce Vigo, the filmmaker's daughter, film critic and collaborator with the festival.

The festival takes its name from the "punto de vista documentado" (documented perspective) about which the filmmaker used to talk, and since 2007, we have been presenting the Jean Vigo award to the best director.

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