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What's been said

Marta Andreu. Member of the jury 2009.

"Finding a space such as “Punto de Vista” is an immense pleasure. A restless place, where the forms and shapes taken on by reality are shared in a profound gesture of generosity, opening an essential window, framed by sensitivity and knowledge, onto life given form, allowing us to pass through the cracks of things seen and lived by others, giving us the opportunity to learn from the traces they leave and helping us to understand a little better not just our place in the world but also to question our vantage point. Witnessing these reflections on reality and the form it takes, united under a single impulse, is a true privilege".

Ben Rivers. Member of the jury 2009.

"Punto de Vista is undoubtedly one of the most astonishing festivals I have ever witnessed, not just because of the pleasant conversations about Navarre’s gastronomy and wine, but mainly because it is the most valuable selection of documentaries I have ever seen together in one place, a place that has swept away boundaries and questioned the true meaning of the term documentary. As a filmmaker, it was inspiring to feel involved and perhaps for the first time it felt good to be called a documentary maker".

Jorge Oter y Germán Rodríguez. “”. May 2009.

"Where is the gaze of Punto de Vista directed? It is an exploratory gaze about that which is generically referred to as ‘documentary’. The festival goes beyond the stock question of what documentary is and rips off the corset imposed by genre, thereby assuming its own right to present new trans-frontier formulas that make us see and teach us to see reality in a different way".

Manuel Yañez. “Otros cines”. 17th February 2009.

"Festivals have the capacity to transform our perception of the history of film. This ought to be, in actual fact, their ultimate goal and aspiration. Either by premiering films that imprint a spectacular image of the present (cinematographic, historic, social), or through a surgical exploration of the past (through retrospectives), any good festival invites dialogue between film and its history. Punto de Vista – International Documentary Film Festival of Navarre is aware of this duty and, as such, its work and attitude have as much to do with historicism as futurism".

Covadonga G. Lahera. “”. January/February 2009.

"Ultimately, as if paralleling the development of a child in its fifth year on this Earth, PdV is now perfectly aware of itself and has defined its own identity that, among other characteristics, is constantly developing by venturing into the exploration of fairly uncharted territory, requisitioning these lands for the gaze of the restless spectator. PdV has most definitely secured a well-respected position in the field of national and international events. Long may it continue".

M. Martí Freixas. Cahiers Du Cinéma – Spain. April 2009

"One of the key elements of the Punto de Vista festival is its power of attraction. Bringing together filmmakers, critics, teachers, students and fans of documentary film, who travel from all over Spain to Pamplona, creating necessary and useful synergies that breathe life into the sector, whilst at the same time highlighting the growing interest sparked by the festival in its own city".

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