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What's been said

Luis MiñarroLuis Miñarro. Film producer. Member of the X Films Project expert committee.

"From my point of view, the Navarra Festival is highly necessary. For it reveals filmmakers unknown to us in , as it did with this year. Its consistently designed programme makes it easy for film professionals to contact up-and-coming directors, whose projects are absolutely necessary to activate the film industry, decentralising it beyond the big production areas. It was a short experience, days were cold, but I had a great time".

Pere RocaPere Roca. Director of Canal Cultura (TVE). Member of the X Films Project expert committee

"Punto de Vista is an authentic, radical festival that walks away from the obvious".

Pablo BaurPablo Baur. Director of El Conserje (Official Section)

"Festivals are good for films like mine, but Punto de Vista is a reference point in the field of documentaries, as it is open to experimentation and draws filmmakers who somehow break away from the prevailing orthodoxy".

Virginia del PinoVirginia del Pino. Filmmaker. Participant in Heterodocsias X Film Project.

"I believe it’s very important for festivals to get involved as much as possible –as Punto de Vista does– and understand how difficult it is for filmmakers to get the means to make their films. Let’s hope others follow suit".

María PallierMaría Pallier. Director of Metrópolis (TVE). Member of the Punto de Vista 2010 jury.

"I’d never seen snow in –a pleasure that goes hand in hand with cold. But the ice was melted by the warmth of the festival’s staff. This warmth could also be felt in the Official Selection, whose films reveal an earnest interest in human affairs, away from sentimentality and sensationalism. The hazardous enterprise of bringing ‘documentary’ and ‘experimental’ together makes Punto de Vista unique in the realm of festivals and raises this genre to a fine".

Lisa BarbashLisa Barbash. Director of Sweetgrass (Official Section)

"It's hard to say what was my favorite aspect of Punto de Vista. I really liked the film selection-- the balance between the newly made films in competition and the very well curated "maestro" retrospectives. I appreciated the many formal and informal opportunities to engage with the other very talented and innovative filmmakers, as well as with critics and with the public. In fact, I enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the festival. It was festive, relaxed and always professional".

Lynne SachsLynne Sachs. Filmmaker. Member of the Punto de Vista 2010 jury.

"Naming an after a term for subjectivity is, in my mind, a radical stance. Rather than taking the more obvious city or country identified name, which brings attention to the community, the Punto de Vista festival celebrates a first person cinema based on the documentary practice of working with reality, that privileges the expression of ideas over the dissemination of information. As a judge for the , I witnessed the results of this brazen decision on the part of the founders and leaders of the festival to foreground the filmmakers' point of view. From to to , I have judged approximately festivals, so I feel comfortable testifying to the singularity of this body of film work as a whole. Over the course of one week, I watched work that challenged every aspect of the cinematic idiom, that showed me hidden geographies I didn't know existed, that introduced me to people who pushed the limits of existence. From my perspective as a filmmaker, the results were brilliant, electrifying and inspiring".

Félix PiñuelaFélix Piñuela. Director of Versión española (TVE)

"A Sunday morning with a huge flock of sheep. in Nice, amidst sea horses, in the shoes of a caretaker, in the shoes of a cook in countless wars… And then the streets. The streets in a city with arcades, underground passages, sharp bends, and wide balconies. You can’t get lost. If you know how to read the signal fires, you’ll get to the right place, with the right friends and the right wine. And if you are caught unawares, you can end up appearing in a film by Jem Cohen, who likes scenes of anonymous corners. This was Punto de Vista 2010 from my point of view. I enjoyed it. It’s over. Never mind. I’ve learnt that the ephemeral is a form of the beautiful".

Miquel Martí FreixasMiquel Martí Freixas. Journalist

"A quick impression of Punto de Vista can be summarised as… a hectic week in Pamplona… with a film festival that never stops… where you can watch the best contemporary documentaries… sharing them with a growing number of local spectators and movie-goers coming from all over Spain, making a thick, faithful yet demanding ‘troupe’… Last but not least, let’s add the flaw-less organisation to the mix".

Aida VallejoAida Vallejo. Journalist

"Culture isn’t made of red carpets and award statuettes, or even books and films… Culture is made of exchanges, thoughts, and inspirations… And Punto de Vista is the right place to come together and talk, to watch, speak, understand, and share. Beyond the virtual nature of remote access and web-mediated artifices, shared spaces are the key to the making of culture. And, for one week every year, Pamplona becomes such a space, where we can see one another, listen to one another, praise and criticise one another’s works in an attempt to lay bare art’s raison d’être: the magic of connecting those sitting in a dark theatre with those whose looks have managed to capture a moment, a motive, a thought on the screen…".

Gobierno de Navarra Cultura Navarra
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte Teatro Gayarre
Fundación Caja Navarra Planetario de Pamplona Filmoteca de Navarra Acción Cultural Española

Audio-lab Drac Màgic Artium
Dferia Iberescena Azala Espacio

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