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What's been said

Ernesto BacaErnesto Baca. Director of Vrindavana. Official Section.

"I think that this festival has become a very prestigious one due to its programme, which is a very risky one. The fact that they are taking risks and their commitment to new things and new names means that they are also programming for new audiences, people that are looking for new things. Just this makes Punto de Vista one of the most important festivals in the world, apart from the awards it has itself ".

Ben RussellBen Russell. Filmmaker. Member of the Jury

"It was a great honour to receive the award last year and coming back is great. The jury is exceptional. I''m thoroughly impressed with the attention and sensitivity with which the festival is programmed and I''m totally excited about spending an entire week devoted to watching film upon film upon film. What luck! To have the chance of meeting people that I respect and who talk about film in such a passionate way is a luxury. This is a great place".

Andrés DuqueAndrés Duque. Director of Colour Runaway Dog. Official Section.

"For me, Punto de Vista is the best festival in Spain, without the shadow of a doubt. When Carlos Muguiro was the Artistic Director, a bunch of filmmakers were invited to develop a project to capture the world around us using the camera on a mobile phone. The experience was enriching and I met people with whom I had so many things in common, people that I would have never met otherwise. That week was wonderful, really good atmosphere and so many good films. From then on, I’m just in love with the festival".

Nicolas PhilibertNicolas Philibert. Director of Nénette. Opening session.

"I have such great memories of Punto de Vista. I think the festival is really good. To start with, its name already says a lot about it. It gives you an idea of the editorial line, it’s telling you that it is a festival with a perspective and a level of self demand. There are a lot of festivals out there where there is no criteria, they screen everything, 300 or 500 films, everything and anything. That’s not the case here and that’s the reason why I’m happy to be back. The illness of many film festivals is that they want to grow too much, they programme too many things. Punto de Vista does such a good job when selecting its films. They take risks and we as filmmakers also do take risks, so it’s refreshing when we find a space like this to present our work".

Campbell XCampbell X. Director of Fem. The personal is political.

"The festival was an amazing experience for me. So far it is one of my favourite festivals. I like it when festivals allow some experimentation and are a challenge for the documentary genre. There is not only documentaries with talking heads here, which everybody knows about. Programmers are not afraid of changing the status quo and taking risks, that’s how they generate questions and open a debate".

Laila PakalninaLaila Pakalnina. Director of On Rubik’s Road. Official Section.

"Thank you very much for everything. Really! Great selection + possibility to meet people who love film = really great festival. Long live to Pamplona! I will try to make good films to be selected for your festival again".

Naomi UmanNaomi Uman. Filmmaker. Member of the Jury.

"It was such a pleasure for me to be in Pamplona. Films have been wonderful, people extremely warm and friendly. I’ve been able to see old friends and meet new people. I’m proud of having showed my film here because the quality of the works that have been screened is so high and the festival view of what non fiction involves is so wide. Good job. You have created an incredibly important festival. Thanks for all your hard work ".

J.P. Sniadecki J.P. Sniadecki . Director of Foreign Parts. Official Section

"Thanks all the energy you put into making Punto de Vista an amazing experience for everyone! We are still smiling bright and wide from all the excitement, laughter, and fun we had with you all".

Michelle CitronMichelle Citron. Director of Daughter Rite. The personal is political

"The festival was wonderful - maybe the best I''ve attended. Everyone was so warm, and having lunch together everyday created a community of festival workers and filmmakers. It was a pleasure".

Michael JacobsohnMichael Jacobsohn. Director of Young Braves y America’s Best. Young Filmmakers Rediscovered.

"Thanks for giving me the chance of sharing my story 40 years later and for letting the world know that I exist. I was made to feel like a star. In fact I was very touched by the festival and the city making me feel so much at home".

Gabe KlingerGabe Klinger. Curator of Young Filmmakers Rediscovered.

"Punto de Vista is great because of the scale of it, because it’s focused in really quality cinema. You have so much market for these things now, it’s open up to so many different considerations, that it’s very refreshing to see something well focused. I think the main role of a film festival is to bring back memory and to dialogue with history, even if the festival doesn’t know it, that’s what it is doing. When you put two films together, you already have a festival, there is already a choice and from that choice comes a dialogue. It happens with new films or old films, films made by teenagers in the 60s or by a person who is 102 in Portugal, they have to dialogue, they have to come together. That’s what we do in our lives, we are constantly interacting with history and with the past. And that’s something we should expect from a film festival, something we can ask from a film festival, it’s something that should be there".

Elia UrquizaElia Urquiza. Filmmaker. XFilms Project.

"X Films involves a brave commitment to the riskiest audiovisual creativity, following the steps of the production company with the same name, a company that helped making some of the most interesting Spanish films. I think that in the coming years it will build an archive of films based in Navarra that will end up creating an invaluable portrait of the Foral community. XFilms follows Punto de Vista’s editorial line, which has become an international reference thanks to its risky proposals and its commitment to avant-garde cinema".

Daniel CubertaDaniel Cuberta. Filmmaker. XFilms Project.

"X Films is an ambitious project for its beauty, it´s like curating and exhibition in the long term. The topic that it suggests is burning, important. Ways of telling that ask to oneself; in contrast with the generic institutional standards, the commercial cinema, this is guerrilla cinema".

Chus DomínguezChus Domínguez. Filmmaker. Winner of 2010 XFilms Project.

"I think X Films is an amazing iniciative. Above all is a necessary iniciative for a festival to promote, because they should take part and encourage independent production. PdV do so within the video essay field, the experimental, documentary in a wider and more open sense".

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