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What's been said

Eduardo CoutinhoEduardo Coutinho. Film-maker. Retrospective: Eduardo Coutinho: Mirada y Voz.

"This festival has given me a much greater possibility of talking to audiences than all the other festivals I have taken part in. I have engaged in many dialogues with audiences that have been much more useful to me than if they had simply shown my film, because you experience how films are seen by others. For me that is fundamental, because I learn from what others see. Above all I have loved chatting with people who are under the age of 40 and are making documentary film".

Alan BerlinerAlan Berliner. Director of First Cousin Once Removed. Special Sessions.

"What I particularly like about the festival is that it has a very progressive spirit; it embraces not only various forms of documentary film but also at heart, the festival seems to have an experimental and avant-garde spirit. They are not afraid to take risks, to try with things; they are not afraid to invite film-makers whose work is untraditional, I like that. And the programme is very eclectic, very broad. I feel that there is a deep respect for another cinema here. I feel magnetised to that".

Ben RussellBen Russell. Co-director of A Spell to Ward off the Darkness. Special Sessions.

"Punto de Vista for me is synonymous with good audiences, smart questions, a nice small town… It conveys the idea that something is going on in Pamplona, that it is a place that reflects on and questions the idea of documentary film".

Victor IriarteVictor Iriarte. Director of Invisible. Special Sessions

"Punto de Vista is an experience. It is that place where you go in February to meet with people and see films where you come out feeling hopeful and excited that something might happen. And where that experience does not end. In fact, when you come back year after year, you discover that it is ‘never-ending’, because when the festival comes to a close everyone goes back to their home town but you keep in contact. Punto de Vista is an exciting place and it is a pleasure to come to Pamplona every February".

Hope TuckerHope Tucker. Director of Handful of Dust. Official Section

"Here, they don’t care about the ‘commercial sense’ of the piece; what really matters is the possibility of an individual presentation of your film to audiences. Works in their purest form, which have not been buffed and polished by commercial interests. Supporting that sense of individuality, independence, valuing the importance of conversation… all of that is essential".

Adam GutchAdam Gutch. Director of Hoof, Tooth & Claw. Official Section

"It seems like a very nice size festival. At other festivals, it’s easy to get lost. Here, the spirit is one of closeness and purity".

Sylvain GeorgeSylvain George. Director of Vers Madrid (The Burning bright)! Official Section

"For me, Punto de Vista is a very special festival. Its programme is extremely demanding, in the sense that all films, which might be very different from one another, must be based on the concern to present very different and unique visions of the world. This festival offers a place and the right to exist to film-makers who are committed to very demanding ways of making films and who make minority cinema. These festivals are few and far between. Festivals like Punto de Vista are spaces for experiencing and experimenting, setting games of cinematographic experimentation in motion, creating bonds between film-maker and audience. Spaces where a certain kind of utopia can exist. So it is an essential festival".

Laila PakalninaLaila Pakalnina. Director of Sniegs (Snow Crazy). Official Section.

"Punto de Vista is a great festival, because you cannot compared with other festivals in the world. And I have been at plenty of festivals. What makes it special is the large selection of films, not only in the Official Section, but also in the other sections. You feel a special kind of attention and love for documentary film".

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