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What's been said

Chris GudeChris Gude. Director of Mambo Cool. Colombia.

"I think the name of the festival is excellent: the world is made up of different points of view. It was a good choice of name. The rest comes from this.".

Joan AntunezJoan Antunez. Director of Out. Spain

"For me, this is a unique festival. It is a risky festival that is committed to young people. Festivals like this are really necessary, opening a path for these marginal groups, which are out of bounds and do not normally find their way to the screen".

Guillermo MoncayoGuillermo Moncayo. Director of Echo Chamber. Colombia.

"A small festival like Punto de Vista, which has a certain commitment, reflects a will to support a certain kind of film that is in some way more fragile, and this for me is like a kind of resistance. Events like Punto de Vista make this type of film possible and provide continuity in production for a director like me".

Diego GutiérrezDiego Gutiérrez. Co-director of Traces. Holland.

"I think it’s one of these festivals where the glamour around the film presentations is not there, and that gives you the chances to meet other colleagues and people interested in film in a different level, in a more relaxed level".

Danniel DannielDanniel Danniel. Co-director of Traces. Holland.

"I’ve enjoyed it very much because it’s not a market place; it is very cosy and family. And I was quite amazed about the local public, there’s a lot of interest here in Pamplona. It’s a small city, so I wouldn’t expect so many people coming to the screening rooms".

Louis HendersonLouis Henderson. Director of Lettres du Voyant. France.

"I think the festival is very interesting. What I appreciate is the fact that the festival itself does not try to limit its way of thinking, about what the documentary might be as an artistic form. So in that sense the programming is very open, which is why for example they show films as mine, which might not necessarily be in more conservative or traditional documentary festivals. And that I find very refreshing and very important because we can’t see the same thing time and time again, and the documentary as a form has become very conservative. So I think it’s vital the festivals to try to reinvent what that form might be, or what the form can be".

Fernando VílchezFernando Vílchez. Director of Solo te puedo mostrar el color. Peru.

"I think that Punto de Vista is one of the best European festivals, the best in Spain in terms of non-fiction. I have been here on other occasions as a spectator and I have always found many treasures here. Being able to show one of my films here was a dream waiting to come true. I know many friends who come to the festival. I can see that there is a strong community where there are interesting debates and discussions, which have always fascinated me. It is an honour for me to participate in this festival".

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Ayuntamiento de Pamplona Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte Teatro Gayarre
Fundación Caja Navarra Planetario de Pamplona Filmoteca de Navarra Acción Cultural Española

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