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Pablo Berástegui, Álvaro Matías and Jaume Ripoll to make X Films Project selection committee
Pablo Berástegui, Álvaro Matías and Jaume Ripoll to make X Films Project selection committee
Still from Notas de lo efímero

In February, Punto de Vista is playing host to the second edition of the X Films Project. Framed within the Heterodocsias section, X Films chooses a project from those by previously selected artists. Last year, the project chosen was Notas de lo efímero (Notes of the Ephemeral), by Chus Domínguez (see trailer)

Then, the festival commissions the chosen filmmaker to shoot a film essay while staying in Navarra from March 2011 to January 2012. The projects shortlisted for X Films this year have been those by Elia Urquiza, Daniel Cuberta, and the creative duo WeareQQ (Usue Arrieta and Vicente Vázquez). Their projects will be evaluated by three professionals hunting for new audiovisual talents: Pablo Berástegui, Jaume Ripoll, and Álvaro Matías.

Pablo Berástegui has been the coordinator of the centre for contemporary creation Matadero Madrid since October 2008 and has been in charge of the past four editions of the Madrid festival La noche en blanco. For seven years (1999-2006) he was involved in the organisation of PHotoEspaña, International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, directing the editions of 2003 to 2006. From 2006 to 2008, Berástegui was project manager at Elsinor, where he launched new art promotion platforms.

Álvaro Matías is communications manager at La Fábrica, a culture and communications company. His department does the promotion and dissemination of La Fábrica’s initiatives in the fields of publications, arts, Internet, and customer projects, and manages the company’s public relations. Since 2008, Matías has also been in charge of web content management, using the Internet for La Fábrica’s audiovisual projects, such as and

Jaume Ripoll is editorial manager at independent film company Cameo. After working as a journalist, video clip director, and documentary maker, in 2005 he joined Cameo’s e-commerce department. Since 2007, he has alternated his job in the company with the development of Filmin, an ambitious film website based on two principles: the promotion of emerging filmmakers and the availability of a catalogue of exclusive titles in streaming, including the best independent and art films of the past few years.


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