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Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Lee Anne Schmit, again in Punto de Vista
Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Lee Anne Schmit, again in Punto de Vista
The Last Buffalo Hunt. Lee Anne Schmit / Lee Lynch.

Two old Punto de Vista Festival’s acquaintances will be present in the The Central Region, the section of the festival which takes a look at the boldest non-fiction films of the year that have not been premiered in Spain. Lucien Castaigne-Taylor, the filmmaker who won last year’s audience award for Sweetgrass; and Lee Anne Schmit, who already participated in The Central Region in 2009 with California Company Town, will show this year through Hell Roaring Creek and The Last Buffalo Hunt nearly opposite views on the topic of life in the untamed American West, although both of them treat it more as a mythical than a real landscape.

Castaigne-Taylor’s Hell Roaring Creek, a film that was premiered at the Locarno Film Festival, is a short movie that records how a shepherdess guides a flock of 3,000 sheep across the wildest stream in Montana, Hell Roaring Creek. The director claims to have being through an almost mystical experience filming this passage. On the other side, The Last Buffalo Hunt is a feature film co-directed by Lee Lynch that explores the landscape and the demise of U.S. natural paradises with the excuse of the last herd of wild bison in the Henry Mountains, Utah. Rifles, monstrous casinos, plastic teepees, and fake hunters selling some weapons in department stores are some of the characters portrayed beyond the natural landscape.


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