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With over 1,000 viewers a day, Punto de Vista 2011 nearly doubled last year’s average
With over 1,000 viewers a day, Punto de Vista 2011 nearly doubled last year’s average
Cinemas packed with people; sold-out sessions; 1,000 viewers a day. The 7th edition of Punto de Vista meant the Festival’s consolidation as a must-attend event on Pamplona’s cultural calendar and Europe’s film calendar. It was a bold bid for documentary and avant-garde film in the face of the shrinking numbers of movie goers. However, it turned out right, as shown by the growing number of visitors it welcomes every year.

Figures speak louder than words in a year marked by strategic change and commitment to austerity, showing the same number of films in fewer venues (Civivox Condestable and SAIDE Carlos III cinemas) and fewer days (six instead of nine). 6,106 viewers came to the Punto de Vista cinemas. In 2010, they had been 5,236; in 2009, 4,353; and in 2008, 3,746. Thus, the crowd attracted to the Festival grew by 61% in three years.

Moreover, the daily average of viewers has doubled in a year: 1,017 in 2011 vis-à-vis 581 in 2010 (or 483 in 2009 and 416 in 2008). This is no doubt related to the warm welcome offered to the Festival by the people of Pamplona. If in past editions Punto de Vista had managed to draw hundreds of film lovers, critics, and filmmakers from other Spanish cities and even other countries in Europe or distant places like the United States, in 2011 the theatres were filled with a real mix of traditional visitors –some of them are real fans of the Festival– with Pamplona or Navarra dwellers. “At last, Pamplona has got hold of the Festival, and the Festival has seized Pamplona,” Artistic Director Josetxo Cerdán remarks. Punto de Vista has finally become a meeting and reference point in the film industry and is ready to be part of Pamplona’s cultural fabric.

What is more, Punto de Vista has had the ability to generate revenues out of culture in a month –February– quite far away from the high season for cultural and social events. The Festival drew 211 trade members and 80 film journalists and critics, 60 of whom hailed from beyond Navarra’s boundaries. They stayed for three days on average, accounting for 230 overnight stays in three hotels in the city, thanks to arrangements made by the Festival’s organisers. To them we should add many other visitors staying in other hotels, hostels, and guest houses in Pamplona, recommended by the Punto de Vista staff.

Moreover, with over 80 media appearances in just two weeks, Punto de Vista has turned into an event Pamplona is associated with beyond the Running of the Bulls or the Way of St James. Covered by TV channels like La 2 (Televisión Española), cultural supplements of national newspapers like El Mundo, Público or La Vanguardia, cultural TV and radio shows at the regional level (ETB, Radio Televisión del Principado de Asturias), and specialist magazines, the Festival reached readerships and audiences beyond its usual followers.


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