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Punto de Vista Collection
A new edition of “PdV Focus ” in September
A new edition of “PdV Focus ” in September
Alamar, by Pedro González-Rubio

In September, the Navarra Film Library is playing host to the second edition of “PdV Focus,” the cycle created in November 2010 with the aim of extending Punto de Vista in Pamplona throughout the year. “PdV Focus” consists of short cycles “focusing” on documentary phenomena of recent interest. This time, the cycle focuses on “Tales, Fables, and Other Stories,” introducing four very different films inviting thought on one of the most controversial documentary traditions: non-fiction as a vehicle for story-telling.
Even when at times in recent history plots were banished from non-fiction film, it is an incontrovertible fact that narratives, tales, or story-telling are a constant in documentaries. These four films, ranging from Bill Morrison’s archive footage (premiere in Spain) to Raya Martin’s rewriting of history to Pedro González-Rubio’s fables to Carlos García-Alix’s difficult dialogue with memory spur discussion on key aspects of documentary film: Do documentaries tell stories? If so, how? Where does documentary end and where does narrative begin? What is the role of myth and metaphor in documentary makers’ contact with the real world?
All films will be screened on September Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. at the Navarra Film Library. Find the full schedule below.
- September 8: Alamar/To the Sea (Pedro González-Rubio)
- September 15: Independencia (Independence)(Raya Martin)
- September 22: El honor de las injurias (The Honour of Insult) (Carlos García-Alix)
- September 29: Spark of Being (Bill Morrison)


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