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The eighth edition of the festival will be held in 2013
The eighth edition of the festival will be held in 2013
After a few days of uncertainty, we are pleased to announce that the Punto de Vista Documentary Film Festival will not disappear; instead, it will become a biennial event while the economic downturn lasts. The eighth edition, which was planned for February 2012, has now been put back one year and will be held in February 2013.
Given the current panorama of expenditure cuts and deep recession, this news fills us with joy, and we are particularly pleased for the spectators and filmmakers who had made Punto de Vista a special and eagerly awaited event. We are also pleased for everyone who has shown support and solidarity over the years for a project which stopped ‘belonging’ to those who worked in it and became the property of the public, of the city, of the filmmakers, and of everyone who considers that Punto de Vista is – more than ever – a meeting point.
This is the case because the festival had succeeded in becoming a shared and common space for filmmakers, spectators and film buffs, and the absence of Punto de Vista in alternate years will not mean its total absence. The festival team is already working on a non-fiction programme – which will be projected in the Film Library of Navarre from 20th to 26th February 2012 – to keep the spirit and essence of Punto de Vista alive. This programme will take place in the alternate years when the festival is not held.
We would like to thank all of you who have publicly expressed your support and affection for the festival over the last few days. Punto de Vista even belongs to you a little more now.


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