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Punto de Vista will hold an international film seminar in February 2012
Punto de Vista will hold an international film seminar in February 2012
Picture by Bill Brown
          As we announced last September, Punto de Vista will offer next February a non-fiction programme in the Film Library of Navarre to keep the spirit and essence of Punto de Vista alive. The chosen format is a seminar, with a core idea: to continue looking at non-fiction films from the angle of new propositions generated on the edge of independent filmmaking that are socially committed.
         The Punto de Vista International Seminar , to be held next 22 to 25 February, sets out to be a modest contribution to a new way of understanding of non-fiction films that could be gestating in these difficult times. The idea is to return the films and their creators to the intimate space needed for debate and reflection. It would still be a celebration of filmmaking, but this new idea, born under the wing of the ‘Punto de Vista’ International Documentary Film Festival, aims to create a different space that can help us to deal with the difficult years we are going through. The first edition of the seminar will be able to call on the presence of Amir Muhammad and Sylvain George, two committed, reflexive and critical directors who, through their films, ideas and writings, can help us to trace out new cognitive maps to deal with the new situation. 
         This initiative has been born –and there is no need to hide the fact– in a situation of crisis. One that, as we have been constantly reminded, is the worst since the depression that followed the New York stock market crash in 1929. As we know, that recession led to a major change in avant-garde filmmaking at the time; it changed from its formalistic basis to another, more combative and social, approach. This is the crossroads that led to Jean Vigo, one that would be profoundly (and for ever) transformed by Joris Ivens and Luis Buñuel.The International Punto de Vista Seminar sets out to explore the new routes filmmaking is taking as a result of the economic downturn, and to open up a forum for debating them in the presence of their directors and spectators.
     Registrations will be open next 15 December.
       The seminar will also include a new edition of ‘Proyecto X Films’, which will continue to be held annually: three new directors will present their work and defend their ideas, and the film by Weare QQ that was selected in 2011 will be presented to the public.


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