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Notas de lo efímero continues with festival tour
<i>Notas de lo efímero</i> continues with festival tour

Nine months after being premiered in Pamplona, Notas de lo efímero/Notes on the Ephemeral, the film by Chus Domínguez that won the X Films Project in 2010, continues to scoop up awards at film festivals. After being awarded the prize for best short film at the Alcances festival in Cádiz in September, it got the third prize at Alcalá de Henares Film Festival, ALCINE. The film embarked on an international tour in April, screening at the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, BAFICI. Since then, it has been shown in many festivals and cultural centres in Spain.

Only in November, Notas de lo efímero screened at L’Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona (“Panorama,” November 18), the Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival, ZINEBI (“InfoSpain,” November 14), ALCINE (November 12), FILMETS Badalona Film Festival (November 10), and La Casa Encendida cultural centre (November 15). On November 29, La Casa Encendida is showing the film again, this time presented by Chus Domínguez himself.

In December, Notas de lo efímero is coming to New York for a retrospective of Spanish documentary film at the legendary Anthology Film Archive: “The Forgotten Spanish Non-Fiction Cinema and its Renewal.” Here it will share the screen with big names like Isaki Lacuesta or Pere Portabella, and other films screened at Punto de Vista, like Mikel Zatarain’s Lanbroa, Ion de Sosa’s True Love, and the Correspondence between José Luis Guerin and Jonas Mekas, among others.

In February 2010, as part of “Heterodocsias,” Punto de Vista launched the X Films, giving new documentary makers the chance to create an essay film in Navarra. Chus Domínguez was chosen to make this short film in one year. He had to shoot in Navarra and make a film of 15’ to 35’ in the form of an essay film or journal. Notas de lo efímero was the result of this experience. It was premiered in Pamplona in February 2011, at the closing ceremony of the 7th Punto de Vista Film Festival.

Film synopsis

Filming as you live: without going back, without changing anything, accepting your mistakes. The film as a notebook whose pages you cannot tear out. One day, one page. From March 20 to April 11, 2010, Chus Domínguez stayed at Pensión Eslava in the old town of Pamplona, filming the fleeting lives of people who came and went, and his images became notes on the inexorable passage of time. In so doing, he captured the impossibility of going beyond the evident in film. One day, one page in his notebook.


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