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Punto de Vista Collection
Daniel Cuberta wants to catch light but he can't
Daniel Cuberta wants to catch light but he can't
Trailer (Daniel Cuberta)
Daniel Cuberta was one of the three filmmakers selected to participate in the 2nd X Films Project at Punto de Vista 2011. Now, one year later, he is coming back to Pamplona for the trailer of the Punto de Vista International Seminar.
To create the images introducing the Seminar’s screenings, Cuberta has drawn on the poetry of the objects at hand; this time, a glass jar on the windowsill. Playing with chance, the material nature of objects and the futile attempts to catch light, Cuberta has come up with a poetic trailer which, unlike documentary films, seeks to own what you see. Just like the jar that fails to catch the sunlight, the clouds or dusk, could we be able to catch, understand and explain what happens before our eyes?
With the greatness of simplicity, Cuberta has summarised some of the key concerns about the nature of images in a mere glass jar facing the open sky. We know it is not true, and yet we want to think it is: reality and poetry are one and the same thing.
Daniel Cuberta has been surprising us with visual poetry for more than a decade now. He has taught us to cast a fresh look at everyday reality. His work has been shown in film festivals, art galleries, video art meetings and museums – from the Locarno International Film Festival to the Museo Reina Sofía. He has also been an artist-in-residence outside Spain. His films are the recipients of many awards at international festivals, including the Navarra Video Creation Festival back in 2000.


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