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Jorge Tur looks for traces of the Sanchicorrota bandit in the Bardenas Desert
Jorge Tur looks for traces of the Sanchicorrota bandit in the Bardenas Desert
Jorge Tur, award winning filmmaker of Proyecto X Films 2012, has just returned to Barcelona following his stay in Navarre for the filming of Dime quién era Sanchicorrota (provisional title). The producer from Barcelona has lived in the Bardenas Desert for twenty days in search of traces of Sanchicorrota, an ancient bandit who stole from the rich to give to the poor, but unlike Robin Hood, he really existed and was living in this desert.
In his search, Jorge Tur has amassed material to make a portrait of what he found in this curious natural paradise:  shepherds, poachers, mysterious skulls, the firing range, the filming of a super production, loneliness…
Jorge Tur’s project was chosen last February during the Punto de Vista International Seminar 2012. The selection committee, made up of Gervasio Iglesias (producer, director of Zanfoña Producciones), Félix Piñuela (director of Versión Española de TVE) and Eli Lloveras (director of Hamaca video distribution company), chose the project presented by Tur “for its particular bid to link legend and present through surprise and humour; for his ability to empathize with his surroundings and characters, and for the filmmaker’s absolute confidence in finding treasure in absolute  solitude”, and gave a special mention to the high quality of the three projects submitted.  
The INAAC Foundation, organizers of the Punto de Vista Festival, has therefore become the producer of this audiovisual presentation that will be released at the forthcoming edition of the festival, in February 2013.  
Three editions of Proyecto X Films have been held. Notas de lo efímero by Chus Domínguez was the first project to see the daylight. In the second edition, the wining project was Goitik Behera, Behetik Gora, by Vicente Vázquez and Usue Arrieta, which was premièred in February 2012 within the framework of the seminar.


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