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The Tricks of Time: January’s Punto de Vista in Focus, a Prelude to the Festival
<i>The Tricks of Time</i>: January’s Punto de Vista in Focus, a Prelude to the Festival
Till of Papirosen

In January, the Navarra Film Library is hosting the 3rd Punto de Vista in Focus meeting. The activity was established in November 2010, in an effort to extend the Festival in Pamplona beyond February. In this new edition, under the title The Tricks of Time (Las trampas del tiempo), four films are being screened exploring the connections between memory, history and the past. Time likes to play tricks, drawing patterns in our memories where we get trapped. What we remember may have never happened – in any case, it was not the way we keep it in our memory. The distance between facts and memories grows longer, but we are never able to accurately measure it.

These films turn the spotlight on memory, oblivion and imagination – without them, we would not be able to remember things. And, since memories are more powerful than memory, and they are never a transliteration of reality, they have given rise to masterpieces in literature and film. The four works in this series include Mercedes Moncada’s first-person account of the Nicaraguan Revolution, Pedro Marques’s grandparent soliloquies in A Nossa Forma de Vida, Gastón Solnicki’s home cinema in Papirosen, and the comeback of a first-person movie classic, Ross McElwee (who was a member of the Punto de Vista Jury in 2008), with his latest film, Photographic Memory. The Tricks of Time is a sort of prelude to the 8th Punto de Vista Film Festival, being held only three weeks later.

All films are being screened in January, on Thursdays at 8.00pm, at the Navarra Film Library, according to this calendar:

- 10 January: Photographic Memory (Ross McElwee)
- 17 January: Palabras Mágicas (para romper un encantamiento) (Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez)
- 24 January: Papirosen (Gastón Solnicki)
- 31 January: A Nossa Forma de Vida (Pedro Filipe Marques) 

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