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Marina Díaz, Carolina López and María Zamora will be sitting on the selection panel for the X Films 2013 project
Marina Díaz, Carolina López and María Zamora will be sitting on the selection panel for the X Films 2013 project

Punto de Vista will be hosting the 4th edition of the X Films project in February. As part of the Heterodocsias section, this project aims to produce an audiovisual creation, chosen by a panel of experts from the proposals submitted by three young film-makers. The three creators chosen on this occasion, Greta Alfaro, Lois Patiño and Francina Verdés, will defend their projects to a panel made up of three audiovisual industry professionals: María Zamora, Marina Díaz and Carolina López.

Marina Díaz López works in the Department of Cultural Activities at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid as a Film and Audiovisual Officer, managing the international and cultural promotion of Spanish-language cinema. She is a member of the research group for cinematographic studies and audiovisual culture at the Autonomous University of Madrid. She has published two books about Latin American cinema, together with Alberto Elena, and has an extensive bibliography about the history of Spanish-language cinema published in books and specialist journals.

Carolina López has been the director of Xcèntric since 2005, the CCCB experimental film programme in Barcelona. She is also currently the director of Animac, Catalonia's International Animated Film Festival, which she directed in 2001 and 2002, and again since 2012. She has also directed film seasons for MACBA and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and she is a collaborator on the Artfutura Show. From 1993 to 2004 she directed the Anima’t section of the Sitges Film Festival. She is also a film-maker, and has directed, co-directed and produced various full-length and short animated and documentary films.

María Zamora began working for the film distribution company Avalon D.A. in January of 2001. In 2007, together with Stefan Schmitz, she founded the production company Avalon P.C. which regularly collaborates with Avalon D.A., an independent film distributor and member of FILMIN. She has produced numerous short and feature-length films, both national and international co-productions. Her production portfolio includes Mapa, the first feature length film by León Siminiani, and she is working on the feature film Todos están muertos by Beatriz Sanchis, for whom she also produced the short films La clase (nominated for a Goya in 2009) and Mi otra mitad (Berlinale 2010).

Last year, the project selected by the panel of experts was Dime quién era Sanchicorrota, by Jorge Tur (watch trailer here), which will première at the 8th edition of Punto de Vista.


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