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Punto de Vista Collection
Processes: a new window opened by Punto de Vista to Navarra film
<i>Processes</i>: a new window opened by Punto de Vista to Navarra film

Over the four-day event, three documentary films that have received financial backing from the Government of Navarra and the INAAC will be presented along with a video-diary Internet proposal.

Another Day of Life by Raúl de la Fuente, produced by Kanaki film and the prestigious Polish animation studio, Platige Image, it's a hybrid film (animation/documentary) that describes the civil war that devastated Angola following its decolonization in 1975 in an unusual documentary and animation proposal, staging the novel of the same name by the great reporter, Ryszard Kapuściński.

The film promoted by the Navarra production company created by Juan Huarte is the star of the X Films documentary (by J.L. Pimoulier and Carlos Bassas), a search for the ideas of artists, intellectuals or film-makers that shared the production company and creative concerns in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Patxi Uriz and Axel O’Mill will reveal the process behind Druidas y Chamanes. This documentary shows us one of the contemporary druids, the doctor from Navarra, Diego Arregui, who fostered the exchange of knowledge with the wise men of the Amazonian Rainforest in the state of Acre (Brazil) and who leads us to a deep reflection into the preservation of the planet.

Finally, Diarios by Daniel Castro will be presented, which is a proposal that began as a type of cinematographic writing in a blog, camera in hand, in 2009, with winter episodes and the premise of “a video a day”.


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