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Víctor Iriarte to present Invisible in a special session at Punto de Vista
Víctor Iriarte to present <i>Invisible</i> in a special session at Punto de Vista

The Spanish premiere of Invisible, the first feature film by Basque director Víctor Iriarte, is the last special session scheduled by Punto de Vista to draw attention to films and filmmakers that may make good introductions to non-fiction film, combining experimental techniques with high-risk narratives.

Invisible, described by Iriarte himself as a ‘vampire movie,’ portrays an endangered love, the recording of an album, and thoughts on filmmaking as vampirism. In the words of Isaki Lacuesta, whom Iriarte was assistant director to in his first feature film, Cravan vs. Cravan (2002), ‘Iriarte always films what he likes, what he desires and what he wants the most. There’s no resentment in his films, just play and celebration, and his graver tones reverberate with a few discreet mourning notes over defunct beauty.’

Iriarte is a regular at Punto de Vista. He participated in the legendary project La mano que mira in 2007, and he made the Festival’s trailer in 2010 with cellist Maite Arroitajauregi, aka ‘Mursego’, who stars in Invisible. Maite, in turn, performed live in a session of amateur films at Heterodocsies Rewind in 2011. With the Spanish premiere of Iriarte’s film – first shown at FIDMarseille and then screened in festivals around the world –, Punto de Vista shows its commitment to young Spanish filmmakers, whose work is always at the heart of the Festival.

You can see the trailer, here.


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