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Dime quién era Sanchicorrota, winner at the Toulouse Festival, will be making the rounds at several film festivals this autumn
<i>Dime quién era Sanchicorrota</i>, winner at the Toulouse Festival, will be making the rounds at several film festivals this autumn
Dime quién era Sanchicorrota, the film by Jorge Tur produced by Punto de Vista as part of the X Films Project, continues its tour of film festivals. Following the prizes received at the Peruvian Transcinema festival (Memory and sensibilities prize), the Spanish Alcances festival (Special Mention and Uptofest Distribution Prize for the Best Feature-Length Film), and the French Cinespaña Festival in Toulouse (Best Documentary Film), the film will have its commercial release at Cineteca Madrid on 21st November, and will also be shown soon in Seville, Lisbon, A Coruña, San Sebastián, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, and Tübingen (Germany).
The story of the bandit Sanchicorrota is being told all over the place. The judges at the Transcinema International Non-Fiction Film Festival in Peru, where it won the Memory and sensibilities prize, defined the film very well: “By posing the question stated in the title of the film (“Tell me about Sanchicorrota”)", they said, "Jorge Tur explores the tale of Sanchicorrota, a 16th Century Bandit in the Bardenas desert of Navarre, Spain. This figure survives in a community only in the form of legend and oral story-telling, but he endures nonetheless, because the conflict embodied by his 'mythology' lives on: a community located in an area of social and geographical frontiers, an arid landscape populated with flocks of sheep and dominated by masculine figures, inhabitants that continue to suffer the consequences or have a memory of the Civil War - of that violence from the recent past - and a military base out of which warplanes circle over the area. In this feature film, Sanchicorrota, the bandit, is no longer a character, coming to signify the tensions and violence of the past and the present, legendary and historical”.
Since Peru, Dime quién era Sanchicorrota has been doing the rounds at various festivals: Over the summer, the film by this director from Alcoy participated in the 15th edition of the BAFICI touring festival, which travelled to several cities in Argentina. The documentary also travelled to Cadiz in September, to the Alcances film festival, where it received a Special Mention. At the end of September, the legend of Sanchicorrota was the talk of Toulouse, at the Cinespaña Festival, where the judges decided to name it Best Documentary Film.
In this last quarter of the year, the film will be stopping at the following destinations as part of its tour: Seville Art Centre (25th October), as part of the programme of film showings and events promoted by the European Film Festival in Seville; Lisbon (Doclisboa Festival, from 23rd October to the 3rd November); A Coruña (CGAI, 29th October); San Sebastián (Arteleku, 8th November); Madrid (Cineteca del Matadero, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 29th November, and 5th, 6th and 13th December), Barcelona (L’Alternativa Festival, from 18th to 24th November), Santiago de Compostela (Cineuropa Festival, 27th and 28th November) and Tübingen (Tübingen Spanish Film Festival, in Germany, starting on the 2nd December).
The film won the X Films Project competition run by the Punto de Vista Documentary Film Festival in 2012 and premiered last February at the 8th edition of this same festival in Pamplona. X Films is a project that offers up-and-coming documentary film-makers the possibility of developing an audiovisual creation in the form of an essay in Navarre. The winning entry is produced by Fundación INAAC, the organiser of Punto de Vista.


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