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Chus Domínguez, Pablo Iraburu and Tess Renaudo are the judges for the X Film Project 2014
Chus Domínguez, Pablo Iraburu and Tess Renaudo are the judges for the X Film Project 2014
Still by X Films 2013

In February, Punto de Vista is playing host to the fourth edition of the X Films Project. Framed within the Punto de Vista 2014 International Seminar, X Films chooses a film project from those by previously selected artists. Last year, the project chosen was La Tradición, by catalan filmmaker Francina Verdés.

Then, the festival commissions the chosen filmmaker to shoot a film essay while staying in Navarra from March to December 2014. The projects shortlisted for X Films this year have been those by Eloy Domínguez, Aitor Gametxo and Mercedes Mangrané. Their projects will be evaluated by three professionals hunting for new audiovisual talents: Chus Domínguez, Pablo Iraburu and Tess Renaudo.

Chus Domínguez (León) is an audiovisual creator who, always working within the sphere of documentary film, has gradually extended his work to encompass other disciplines such as site specific pieces, the performing arts, archiving, and collaborative work on the internet. His video-creations and cinematographic pieces have been selected to participate in numerous international festivals. His piece Notas de lo efímero is the first work included in the X Films collection as part of the Punto de Vista festival, since his proposal was selected at the very first edition of the X Films project in 2010.

Pablo Iraburu (Pamplona) is a documentary film director and producer. In 1999 he founded Arena Comunicación Audiovisual, a production company that began by offering its services to Non-Governmental Organisations, foundations, publishing firms and public entities, and which in 2006 decided to produce its first full-length documentary film, Nomadak TX. Pablo Iraburu was the executive producer, co-screenwriter and co-director on this project together with Raúl de la Fuente. After Nomadak TX, Iraburu produced and directed Pura Vida/The Ridge, alongside Migueltxo Molina.

Tess Renaudo (Barcelona) is part of the executive team for L’Alternativa, Barcelona's Independent Film Festival, and she programmes the festival and coordinates the competing films. She has put together numerous film programmes that have travelled internationally (Bogota, Austin, Bremen, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Medellín, St. Petersburg), she is a collaborator on unique events such as the Rencontres Cinematographiques de Cerbère – Port Bou, and has also advised the ICAA funding committees. She has been a judge at festivals such as IndieLisboa, VIS, Docs Barcelona, Up and Coming Hanover and Arica Nativa. She recently embarked on a distribution project called Paseo Films.


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