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Punto de Vista Collection
A special book for Punto de Vista Collection
A special book for Punto de Vista Collection
At Punto de Vista, we are aware of the current times, but we also try to create a space for the history of cinema with a transversal look.  In a bid for reflection, we use the screen and paper and therefore, since its outset, the festival has edited monographic publications - under the name of Punto de Vista Collection - with the filmmakers, currents, countries or trends we think should be looked at in more detail. Along this line and to celebrate the “The Frozen Image” film seminar, we are also preparing a paper version, a special book that will help to gain a better understanding of the films by our guest filmmakers, Ignacio Agüero and Pema Tseden, and the proposal to hold an event around the frozen image.
This publication, free of charge for those registered for the seminar, which will be on sale as of 19th February at a cost of 5€, will include texts written for the occasion by Menchu Gutiérrez, Patricio Guzmán, José Luis Torres Leiva, Dan Sallit and Zhang Ling. The book will include three languages: Spanish, Basque and English.
Fifty Centimetres of Snow is the title of the book’s opening text, prepared by the writer, Menchu Gutiérrez, an expert in atmospheric phenomena and her presence in the art as shown in her magnificent book, Decir Nieve (Saying Snow). Based on Marcin Ryczek’s image for the seminar poster, A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow, Menchu Gutiérrez describes how snow, like old films, takes us to a black and white world showing that “our look still loves the essentiality” despite the invasion of colour. 
Patricio Guzmán dedicates a text to the Chilean filmmaker, Ignacio Agüero, who he classifies as “the best hunter of dramatic atoms”, particles which, according to Guzmán, make up great documentaries. Patricio says that there is no better way of getting to know today’s Chile than watching Agüero’s latest film: El otro día (The Other Day). Another Chilean filmmaker, José Luis Torres Leiva, transcribes a long conversation with Agüero in which they speak about his arrival to the film world and how Agüero believes that the important thing is “filming and discovering film at the same time”.
As for Pema Tseden, the North American critic and filmmaker, Dan Sallit, makes a brilliant analysis of the three feature films by the Tibetan filmmaker in “The Spiritual and the Mundane”, in which he predicts a promising future by saying “with just a couple more films, he will become one of the best and most established filmmakers in the world”. Zhang Ling, professor in the film department of the University of Chicago, has interviewed Tseden in-depth, which will help us find out the point of view of the young filmmaker and the relationship of the Tibetan culture and tradition on his way of making films. 


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