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Menchu Gutiérrez, Snow Guide
Menchu Gutiérrez, Snow Guide

Heading the Snow Movies session, in which we will screen four films related and devoted to snow, we have invited one of the best Sherpas in the world of creation and the weather: Menchu Gutiérrez, expert writer on the theme of storms, fog and snow, who will accompany us on a white journey from Japan to Siberia in this special session that will close the seminar. Menchu has lived in the Igeldo lighthouse and has now retired to the mountains of Cantabria. She knows first-hand the confines and has written a beautiful and profound text for this year’s book: Fifty Centimetres of Snow. She tells us that: “Snow is the sheet of paper, the cinema screen, the first book laid out on the floor in which our prints are inscribed”.

Menchu Gutiérrez (Madrid, 1957), has published several collections of poems, among which The Eye of Newton (Pre-texts, 2005) can be highlighted. Author of a wide selection of prose, published entirely by Editorial Siruela, her titles include Latent (2003), Dissection of a Storm (2005), Behind the Mouth (2007), The Lighthouse on the Inside (2011) and The Fog, Three Times (2011), a small recompilation of her first novels published by the same company. 

She is also the author of an essay on snow in literature, Saying Snow (Siruela, 2011) and a literary biography on St. John of the Cross (Omega, 2004); she has organised diverse multi-disciplinary seminars at centres, such as  Casa Encendida and Casa del Lector in Madrid, Koldo Mitxelena and Arteleku in San Sebastian or the Botín Foundation in Santander.


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