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The making of Simon Ellis’ header
The making of Simon Ellis’ header

Many people have been asking us during the seminar how did Simon Ellis record the wonderful header he made for us. And how did he get such a fantastic sound. We’ve asked him and this is what he told us:

“The camera is an 8mm which I found in a local charity shop for £15. I put it in the freezer and kept spraying it with water. I did this about ten times. If I had a bigger freezer I could have done something more ambitious. The sound was a mixture of things.  My friend John Sampson helped create a lot of bespoke sounds, and i also recorded ice cracking, doors creaking, always changing the speeds.  The main ice sound is actually "eating human flesh" from a horror sound effects CD…”

He had made before similar works for other festivals, like this one for Hamburg film festival.


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