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New Foco Punto de Vista Session on 24th April
New Foco Punto de Vista Session on 24th April

On Thursday 24th April, Punto de Vista presents a new session of the FOCO Punto de Vista cycle, a space to present up-to-date, non-fiction films from all over the world, at the Navarra Film Library. On this occasion, Stories We Tell will be presented, the latest film by Sarah Polley, the most personal project of this Canadian actress and director in which she delves into her own family history.

Including interviews with her closest environment, a testimony written by her father and real home movies recreated in Super 8, Sarah Polley seeks the answer to one of the great enigmas that surrounds her family and masterfully outlines the family tale in a simple mosaic. A documentary of interviews with the surface story, the infidelity of a mother, which leads to a much more in-depth story on who is the true owner of our memory, even its darkest corners.  

Sarah Polley has a long career as an actress, in which she made her debut as a child. Her work with director, Atom Egoyan, can be highlighted. Following a secondary role in Exotica (1994), she captured the attention of critics and the public with her performance in The Sweet Hereafter (1997). Sarah has always endeavoured to make films with a hidden political or social meaning, which is why she has moved in the independent field rather than commercially.   We have seen her in Go (Doug Liman, 1999), Dawn of the Dead (Zack Snyder, 2004) and in two productions by Isabel Coixet, as the leading actress in My Life Without Me (2003) and The Secret Life of Words (2005).

The Canadian actress made her debut as a director of feature length films with Away From Her (2007), a drama starring Julie Christie which was produced by Atom Egoyan. She has been a member of the Jury of the Cannes Festival and is a firm advocate of the film industry in her native country.
The session is at 8 pm in original version with Spanish subtitles and costs 3€ (2€ on purchasing a 10-ticket voucher).

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