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Les Films Rêvés, next session of the FOCO Punto de Vista Cycle
<i>Les Films Rêvés</i>, next session of the FOCO Punto de Vista Cycle

On Wednesday 28th May, Punto de Vista presents a new session of the FOCO Punto de Vista cycle, a space to present up-to-date, non-fiction films from all over the world, at the Navarra Film Library. On this occasion, Les Films Rêvés / Dreaming Films (2010) by the Belgian filmmaker, Eric Pauwels, will be screened.  

One day, a man, a filmmaker has a dream: he dreams of making a film that contains all the films he has ever dreamed of making. Eric Pauwels decided to make this dream come true, and in doing so, he created a monumental document under the suggestive title of The Dream Films (2010). When the Belgian filmmaker became aware of the material impossibility of making all the films he wanted to make, he came to the happy idea of making all of these films in one and he decided to do so without leaving his house, hence fulfilling his dream. The Dream Films.

The final result is a film on films, a generous film in which all of the filmmaker’s dreams fit into the three hours of footage. The cinema screen becomes his personal stake where all the narratives come together and the first circumnavigators of the planet Earth and those travellers who set off with the sole and wise purpose of enjoying the wind in their hair are called to the front row. Bartholme de las Casas, Bernard Moitessier, Jeanne Baret and other happy survivors, such as Jean Rouch, the master of masters in this attempt to trap our hidden side see themselves reflected in it.  The narration unravels all the tales to be told amidst Chinese boxes and Russian dolls. Eric Pauwels ends up filming them all. He even offers a preview of the film he would make if he were alive in 2060.

Dreaming Films is about all this, a film about the impossibility of describing paradise, but it is also a film about desire, about the lover who wrote 20,000 love letters to Victor Hugo, about the homing pigeon that took four years and returned from China to England by plane, unable or resistant to complete the journey on its own wings; about the impossibility of capturing the gaze of a woman passing by; about the last Ubykh speaker in Anatolia; about Lobera, the Spanish crusader who travelled to Jerusalem without leaving home; about the curse of the Winchester family and their ghost rifle; about a man called John Nicol who was all men at the same time; about the fake Vermeers which ended up being better than the real ones; about the neighbour, Jean-Marie ; about…


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