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17 documentary films will compete in the Official Section of the Punto de Vista Festival - Central Region
17 documentary films will compete in the Official Section of the Punto de Vista Festival - Central Region
Winners of the festival in 2013.

Nine feature films and eight short films from 14 different countries will form part of the Official Section of the ninth edition of the Punto de Vista Navarra International Documentary Film Festival.

The Central Region, a section which, to date, has hosted the festival’s most innovative and radical proposals, has been integrated into the  Official Section, which will now bear its name: the festival’s official and competitive section will now be called The Central Region.

The Selection Committee has seen a total of  1,237 films and has chosen the following to form part of the festival’s competitive section, The Central Region:


Before We Go. Jorge León (Belgium).
El hombre congelado. Carolina Campo (Uruguay).
Traces. Diego Gutierrez, Danniel Danniel (Mexico)
Le complexe de la salamandre. Stephane Manchematin and Serge Steyer (France).
Lettres du Voyant. Louis Henderson (France).
Letters to Max. Eric Baudelaire (France).
Mambo Cool. Chris Gude (Colombia).
Our Terrible Country. Mohammad Ali Atassi (Syria).
South To North. Antoine Boutet (France).


Blessed Be This Place. Carl Olsson (Denmark).
Echo Chamber. Guillermo Moncayo (Colombia).
OUT. Joan Antúnez (Spain).
Rainbow’s Gravity. Kerstin Schroedinger y Mareike Bernien (Germany).
Solo te puedo mostrar el color. Fernando Vilchez (Poland).
Super Unit. Teresa Czepiec (Poland).
The Blazing World. Jessica Bardsley (USA).
Working To Beat The Devil. Chu-Li Sewring y Adam Gutch (UK).

The Selection Committee is made up of Oskar Alegria (the festival’s artistic director),  Koldo Almandoz (filmmaker and journalist), Ozge Calafato (programmer and writer), Alexei Dmitriev (filmmaker and programmer) and Guillermo G. Peydró (filmmaker, professor and programmer).

The Official Jury will grant the following awards:

-    Punto de Vista Award for Best Film: €10,000. This award goes to the film chosen by the Jury as the best in the Official Selection, irrespective of country of origin or duration.
-    Jean Vigo Award for the Best Director:  €5,000. The award specifically pays tribute to Jean Vigo and will be granted to the film in the official section that best represents the ethical values and formula that make up his work. 
-    Award for Best Short Film: €3,000. This award is granted to the best short film (35’ or less).
-   Special Mentions: The Jury may make up to two special mentions, which will not be awarded any prize money.

There will also be the following  special awards

-    People’s Choice Award: €1,500. This prize goes to the film the audience likes best.
-    Youth Award for the best film: €1,500.
-  Rencontres Cinématografiques de Cerbère-Portbou Award : €300 in addition to an artistic residence stay at Hotel Belvédère du Rayon Vert in the border town of Cérbere.


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