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Itsaso Arana will close Punto de Vista with her film, John y Gena
Itsaso Arana will close Punto de Vista with her film, <i>John y Gena</i>
'John and Gena'.

The filmmaker from Navarra, Itsaso Arana will put the finishing touch to the ninth edition of the Navarra Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival on Sunday 15th February. Her film, John and Gena, will be screened at this session and the director will make a live speech about the film.

Premièred in 2012 at the In-Presentable Stage Arts Festival at Casa Encendida in Madrid, John and Gena introduces, in the first half hour, the author’s ex-boyfriends, who, as a chorus, reveal to her their confessions about the past relationship, their misunderstandings and their wise decisions and, particularly, their uncertainties and mysteries in a static interview shot. Afterwards, in a second part and based on these images, the author comments in her own voice with a microphone in hand on what has been heard and seen in the first half of the film. The result is an interesting live film exercise, spoken and commentated film, which is different each time, unrepeatable on each occasion, with a dual vision that offers a wider and long-lasting vision of the love that was. In the background, how the relationship of a couple in film and in real life works, with John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands as the stars, following the same philosophy as the American filmmaker: “Why would I want to make a film on something that I already know and understand?". Film director, Víctor Iriarte, has said of John and Gena: “For me it is a film to cy. Not sad, but to cry over, to watch. It is cosmically amazing, everybody is involved in something mysterious yet brilliant at the same time”. 

Jem CohenItsaso Arana (Tafalla, Navarra, 1985) formed In 2004 La Tristura stage arts group, with which she creates and directs her own works. She has performed her shows in theatres and festivals in Spain, France, Germany or Brazil. As an actress, she has worked in film and television productions, such as Las Altas Presiones, released in 2014 and was awarded the Prize for Best Film in Las Nuevas Olas section at the 11th Seville European Film Festival.


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