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An extract from L´île deserte, by Sophie Roger is the new header for the festival
An extract from <i>L´île deserte</i>, by Sophie Roger is the new header for the festival

The 2015 Punto de Vista header is an extract from the short film, L´île Deserte, by the French filmmaker, Sophie Roger. In this piece, each day, Roger observes an island in front of her window; recreating its silhouette and mentally inventing a dialogue with her each morning. Today the island looks like a mouse, tomorrow a whale… Sophie Roger appears to write a diary in front of an island that only changes before our eyes, yet it always remains the same, unchanging, come rain or shine. 

The film from which this header has been taken, L´île Deserte, is a 2014 short film which will be screened in the third programme of the ISLANDS cycle devoted to a review of shipwrecks. In this film, Sophie invites us to accompany her on her journey from the High Pyrenees in France to Robinson Crusoe Island in Chile. It is the necessary distance to grieve for a friend. Back in Normandy, she meets Viernes again, who seems to have always been waiting for her there. Together, they dig a hole in the earth of her island, read and dream. It is a mysterious, tender and strange film that preserves the fragility of the beings that they come across. The director presents a transposition of the myth of  Robinson Crusoe with the same language as in her previous films, which include Les Jardiniers du Petit Paris (en lisant Tristes tropiques by Claude Lévi Strauss) (2009); Contre-jour, service des maladies tropicales et infectieuses (2011) or  Le point aveugle (2012).

With the 2015 header, Sophie Roger joins the list of filmmakers who have written the Punto de Vista prologue in its different editions, such as Víctor Iriarte, Fernando Franco, Daniel Cuberta or Kikol Grau. The Punto de Vista header is screened as the opening of all the sessions at the festival. 


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