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The Darkness Collection films will bring together 38 forms of darkness in the Muralla Hall at Baluarte Auditorium
<i>The Darkness Collection</i> films will bring together 38 forms of darkness in the Muralla Hall at Baluarte Auditorium

Who said film is made with light? On 17th December 2012, the filmmaker, Oskar Alegria, began this collection of films on darkness in a corner of the world called Artazu. Two years later, the general film resulting from all of them, made by 84 different hands and lasting three hours, is being premiered at the 2015 edition of Punto de Vista. The collection, in which filmmakers from all over the world have participated and have created works for the occasion, adds up to a total of 38 forms of darkness and will be displayed uninterruptedly in the Muralla Hall at Baluarte Auditorium from Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th February. On the list of filmmakers participating in the project, which always set out with a sole indication (“to film darkness”), we can find names which are common to Punto de Vista, such as Lynne Sachs and Mark Street, Jay Rosenblatt, Jean-Gabriel Périot, JP Sniadecki, Ignacio Agüero, Hope Tucker and Eric Pauwels, who will also be a member of the Jury in this ninth edition.

Adopting a mysterious form of correspondence from the outset, the project became consolidated in Alegria’s mailbox which, in his facet of collector-filmmaker, brought together an average of three forms of darkness a month: a tunnel in the depths of Germany, the inside of the drainage system in Massachusetts, respiration focused on a nocturnal navel in San Francisco, etc.  United, the 38 forms of darkness consist of a stroll through the shadows, a journey that takes the spectator back to childhood fears, but also to the tranquillity of shelter and the hidden, the nightscapes and the purest uncertainty. Or perhaps, according to Piergiorgio Casotti, one of the participating filmmakers, darkness is even more difficult to name, to celebrate or to curse: “darkness is a state of mind”.  

The Darkness Collection, Various Authors, 175’. The exhibition will remain open from Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th February and entry is free. Opening Times:  Tuesday 10th: 11am – 2pm and 5pm – 7.30pm . Wednesday - Saturday:  11am – 2pm and 5pm – 9pm


  • Helena Wittmann
  • Oskar Alegria
  • Helvecio Jr. Marins
  • Claudio Pazienza
  • Jay Rosenblatt
  • Seb Coupy
  • Diego Gutiérrez
  • Kees Hin
  • Eric Pauwels
  • Mario Brenta
  • Karine de Villers
  • Ignacio Agüero
  • Narges Kalhor
  • Mathieu Dendaletche
  • Mika Mattila
  • Dominique de Rivaz
  • Lynne Sachs
  • Mark Street
  • Bijan Anquetil
  • Jorge Caballero
  • Daniela de Felice
  • Alfredo Gatti
  • Gérard Courant
  • Salomé Lamas
  • Tin Dirdamal
  • Robert Todd
  • Jean-Gabriel Périot
  • April Simmons
  • Carolina Campo Lupo
  • Sara Matera
  • Ann Holstein
  • Peter Hoffmann
  • Chu-Li Shewring
  • Adam Gutch
  • JP Sniadecki
  • Vladimir Perovic
  • Adrian
  • Piergiorgio Casotti
  • Hope Tucker
  • Youlian Tabakov
  • Khristine Gillard
  • Matias Meyer


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