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Iosseliani will visit Punto de Vista
 Iosseliani will visit Punto de Vista
Otar Iosseliani. Photo: David del Río

The Georgian filmmaker, Otar Iosseliani, will be the final guest of honour at the Punto de Vista Festival and will be here on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th to present a selection of his documentary work and to give a Master Class on his films.

The filmmaker participates twice in the Punto de Vista programme. First of all, as the final part of the Chez les Basques retrospective on documentary films shot in the French Basque Country, where he will present and debate his film, Euskadi Été 1982, devoted to the traditional festivities and songs of the villages of Heleta and Pagola.

Furthermore, a cycle within the Special Sessions will be dedicated to him, in which five of his documentary films have been selected: the feature films And Then There Was Light and A Small Monastery in Tuscany; and the short films Tudzhi, Georgian Ancient Songs, and Song About a Flower. They will all be presented by the Georgian director who will be accompanied by the Spanish journalist and film critic, Carlos Reviriego.

The Chez les Basques cycle opens with the visit by Chris Wertenbaker, the boy raised in  Ziburu who accompanied Orson Welles in the documentaries that the filmmaker made in search of paradise among the Basques in the 1950’s. Along with Otar Iosseliani, they will be the two guests of honour with whom the festival wishes to celebrate its ninth edition. The header of the Chez les Basques programme shows the two stars in their cities of New York and Paris.

In addition to presenting and debating his films on Friday 13th, with two afternoon programmes, Otar Iosseliani will give a Master Class on Saturday 14th  from 11am aimed at credential holders. The filmmaker’s presence and the programming of his cycle have been backed by the French Institute in Bilbao.

Wertenbaker and Iosseliani will not be the only people that the festival will rely on to present the Chez les Basques films. Some of the characters who participated in the shooting of those films  will also come to Pamplona to embrace the cycle, such as Beñat Toyos (the boy who Orson Welles called “champion” on the pelota court in Ziburu); Jean Paul Idiart (the son of the Ortzaitze shepherd who had lived in Colorado and who the American filmmaker interviewed in English) and Terexa and Mitu Goicoechea (the couple whose wedding in the Parish Church of Azkaine was filmed by Otar Iosseliani at the beginning of his documentary).


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