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Punto de Vista Collection
Punto de Vista closes its largest and most international edition
Punto de Vista closes its largest and most international edition

The Punto de Vista Festival team has made an extremely positive balance of the ninth edition, marked by its new venue in Baluarte and its return to being an annual event.  Furthermore, the festival has managed to attract the largest number of visitors from different parts of the world in their capacity as filmmakers, international programmers and critics and journalists from specialised media.

With an average attendance of 122 spectators per session and 1,186 visitors a day, the festival has broken its record of attendance per session. This data is particularly noteworthy bearing in mind that Punto de Vista has been held again following a two-year break and with the necessary budgetary moderation in order to return to being an annual event. It must also be taken into account that the festival has had fewer sessions this year (a total of 58 compared with 70 in 2013).  The total number of spectators in the ninth edition was 7,120. The different film screenings attracted a total of 5,650 spectators. The parallel activities (round tables, conferences, masterclass and presentation of X Films) were attended by 875 people. Furthermore, 595 people visited The Darkness Collection. Attendance has maintained the significant increase seen in the eighth edition of the festival in 2013, in which there was a 40 % rise in the average number of spectators each day with respect to the previous edition in 2011.

Punto de Vista 2015 accredited 106 audiovisual professionals, 102 film and audiovisual students in higher studies from 6 universities and film schools (4 of which are outside Navarra), as well as 73 film journalists and critics. Punto de Vista 2015 also had 16 volunteers and the first Youth Jury was set up, made up of 28 people. The festival’s organisers calculate around 1,000 overnight stays in different hotels, hostels and guest houses in the centre of Pamplona. 

The festival’s organisers also highlight the extensive media coverage of this ninth edition, which has been far greater than in previous editions and which has contributed to projecting the image of Pamplona and Navarra beyond its borders. During the festival and in the weeks leading up to it, over 150 mentions in the press, radio, television and Internet were recorded.  Punto de Vista has been present in national and international television programmes.


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