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Punto de Vista Collection
Last month to enter films, more than 500 film entries
Last month to enter films, more than 500 film entries
The film selection team.

With July and August gone, the registration period for films in the official selection of the Punto de Vista Festival has one more month to go. The deadline is late September. More than 500 short and feature films have already been submitted. ‘It’s the usual registration rate, the numbers being similar to those in the past edition,’ said Artistic Director Oskar Alegria. ‘But we have to bear in mind that most films are entered in September. The summer months are quite calm for most of us,’ he added.

The film selection and programming team, made by Mr Alegria and four other experts – Alexei Dmitriev, Özge Calafato, Koldo Almandoz and Guillermo G. Peydró –, are now watching the films and preparing the Festival’s main section, under the title The Central Region. Film registration is easy and free: you just have to enter the required information and provide a link to your film.


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