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Punto de Vista at Tabakalera (Donostia) this Friday
Punto de Vista at Tabakalera (Donostia) this Friday
"Letters to Max" image.

Punto de Vista will participate next Friday, October 9, in the scheduling of the International Centre for Contemporary Art Tabakalera with the screening of the film Letters to Max.

Punto de Vista festival will lead next Friday the season “Carte Blanche”, organized by Tabakalera. The session will include a presentation of the festival by its director, Oskar Alegria, and after that the film Letters to Max (France, 2014, 103'), which has been chosen by those responsible of the season as carte blanche, will be screened with the presence of the film’s director, Eric Baudelaire.

Letters to Max, premiered in Spain in the last edition of Punto de Vista, within its Official Section, aims to locate on the map an invisible country called Abjazia, the Caucasian republic which is only internationally recognized by a handful of countries and which became independent from Georgia after a bloody war. Punto de Vista has chosen this film for this Carte Blanche because it has a shipwrecked starting point: the film maker, Eric Baudelaire, dares to write letters to that place, stating "Abjazia" as target country on the envelope, without including "via Georgia"... which entails a real entry manifest. This way, as a series of bottles thrown into the sea, letters arrive to the Foreign Minister of that ghost country which is in charge of answering the filmmaker about the vicissitudes of his small nation. The result is not just a portrait of a country but also an epistolary film about the impossible. 

This session will take place at Tabakalera (Duque de Mandas, 52, Donostia) on Friday 9 at 7 pm. Tickets cost €3.5.

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