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The film El otro mapa de Abauntz (2014, Aitor Gametxo), X Films Award 2014, participates in DOC Buenos Aires
The film <i>El otro mapa de Abauntz</i> (2014, Aitor Gametxo), X Films Award 2014, participates in DOC Buenos Aires

The film El otro mapa de Abauntz, by Aitor Gametxo,  winner project of the X Films Award 2014 of Punto de Vista, participates in the 15th edition of the Documentary Film Festival DOC Buenos Aires, held from 15 to 28 October in the Argentine capital. Gametxo’s film will be screened in two sessions, on October 15 and 27. 

After reading the news about the amazing discovery of the first map of Western Europe in the Abauntz cave in Navarre, the director goes into the nearest town, Arraitz (Ultzama Valley), to draw with his own hands and with some others that may be found on the way, another map. A contemporary map where inescapable festivities, daily rituals and future traditions are mixed. But he will soon realize that what he is really doing is not a map. In fact, they are two. At least two. 

(Lekeitio, Basque Country, 1989)

Photographer and independent filmmaker. After his graduation in Audiovisual Communication between Bilbao and Barcelona, his interest in non-fiction cinema led him to study the Master in Creative Documentaries at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2011-2012). During these studies, he co-directed along with Igone Arreitunandia his first documentary project, The typographic city (La ciutat tipogràfica, 2012, followed by Poetic dictionary of spoken images (Irudi mintzatuen hiztegi poetikoa, 2013), along with Maria Elorza and Maider Fernandez (Pasaik Girls). Their works, with a strong documentary vocation, often mixing the formal experimentation and the most conventional narrative discourse, look for the universal in the personal through the use of resources such as the first person perspective or the autofiction and they carry metalinguistic resources inherent to show the film artefact. In addition, he has worked as audio-visual technician in Tabakalera, International Centre for Contemporary Culture, and also as assistant director in RTVE Catalunya.


  1. Variation on the sunbeam (2011)
  2. The typographic city (La ciutat tipogràfica) (2012)
  3. Poetic dictionary of spoken images (Irudi mintzatuen hiztegi poetikoa) (2013)
  4. In search for lost sounds (Soinu galduen bila) (2014)
  5. One of their lives (Bere bizitzetako bat) (2014)


Punto de Vista festival offers several Spanish emerging documentary makers the possibility of performing an audio-visual creation in essay form in Navarre. This way, the festival annually produces a film in the form of diary filmed.

The purpose of the project is twofold: on the one hand, it is to facilitate the directors the possibility of developing a new work; and on the other hand, that such works, year after year, will create a set of pieces that involve the approach of these new documentary voices to the autonomous territory. This way, a multifaceted gaze about Navarre is generated over the years; but at the same time and primarily, through X Films Project, non-fiction audio-visual creation is encouraged and Punto de Vista becomes a mandatory appointment on the calendar of documentary makers of restless gaze. The winner of X Films 2015 is Xiana Gómez Díaz (Lugo, 1982) for Don’t talk about it (No hablemos de ello), that will be premiered in the framework of the 10th edition of the festival. 


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