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Punto de Vista consolidates the Youth Jury in its 10th edition
Punto de Vista consolidates the Youth Jury in its 10th edition

Following the satisfactory experience in the past edition, the Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival consolidates the Youth Jury and the Youth Award on its 10th anniversary. In 2016, the festival will include this jury, which is made up of 50 young people between the ages of 18 and 25, for the second time. Participation in the Youth Jury is voluntary and involves a commitment to attend the screening of all the films in the Official Section -The Central Region, in their morning sessions, which will take place from 8th to 12th February 2016 at the Navarra Conference Centre and Auditorium, Baluarte. The festival will not be liable for the board and lodging expenses of the Youth Jury. 

Registration to form part of this Youth Jury is via a form on the website:

At the end of the registration period, 10th January 2016, the festival will select 50 young people from those registered to be on the jury.

This jury will present the Youth Award for the Best Film at the festival’s closing ceremony, which will be held in Pamplona on Saturday 13th February 2016.

The Youth Award for the Best Film comes with 1,500 euros in prize money and is one of the festival’s special awards along with the Special Public Award for the Best Film, which also offers 1,500 euros. Furthermore, the selected films will opt for awards  such as the Punto de Vista Award for the Best Film, with 10,000 euros in prize money; the Jean Vigo Award for the Best Director, with 5,000 euros in prize money; and the Award for the Best Short Film, with 3,000 euros. The Festival will also offer the possibility of two special mentions, which will not be awarded any prize money. 

The Youth Jury joins the Official Jury which, like in previous editions, will be international and will be made up of experts and professionals from the sector, appointed by the General Department for Culture of the Government of Navarra. Its decision will be announced at the closing ceremony of the next edition of Punto de Vista.


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