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Punto de Vista collaborates with the Goya Awards in the Documentary Short Films category
Punto de Vista collaborates with the Goya Awards in the Documentary Short Films category
Navarre’s film festival will help to pre-select nominations for the 31st edition of the awards presented by Spain’s Film Academy.

If a short film wins the Punto de Vista Grand Prize at the 11th edition of Navarre’s film festival, it will have the chance to compete at the next Goya Awards presented by Spain’s Film Academy in the category of Best Documentary Short Film. In order to do this, however, the winning film must be no longer than 30 minutes, since Punto de Vista prizes are open to feature length and short films under the same conditions. So, if a short film wins the Punto de Vista Grand Prize, it will be automatically pre-selected and nominated for Best Documentary Short Film at the next edition of the Goya Awards. If the Punto de Vista prize is awarded to a longer film, however, any short films chosen to be part of Punto de Vista’s official section may also be nominated at the Goyas, provided they have also been selected for at least two other festivals considered by the Film Academy.

To compete in the different categories of short films at the Goyas (documentaries, fiction, and animation), entries must be less than 30 minutes long, be presented in a digital format, have a Spanish nationality certificate issued by the Institute of Cinematography and the Audiovisual Arts, or by the relevant body in the respective self-governing communities of Spain, be dated between 1 January 2015 and 30 September 2016, and not have taken part in previous editions of the Goya Awards.

In order to compete in any of the three short film categories, the certificate of nationality must be issued prior to the start of the festival at which it obtained a prize or was shown as part of the selection that qualifies the film to be nominated at the Goyas.

In the specific case of documentary short films, this category is open to any short films presented in digital format that can be considered non-fiction and which deal creatively with cultural, artistic, historical, social, scientific, economic, technical, or any other type of issues. These films must have been shot in the present day and can use recreations, archive footage, animation, existing images in montage, or any other techniques, as long as the thematic emphasis is placed on a fact, activity or event, and not on fiction, fulfilling the conditions set out in the following sections. This category is open to documentary short films that have been shown as part of the Official Section that qualifies them for nomination at the Goyas, which have won at least one of the prizes that qualifies them for nomination at the Goyas at any of the festivals or competitions dictated by the Film Academy, or which have been chosen to participate in at least two other festivals. It is also open to Spanish documentary short films that have been selected to take part in the Official Section of International Competitions and Festivals held outside of Spain.


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