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Call for applications to be the artistic director of the Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival
Call for applications to be the artistic director of the Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival
The deadline for applications is 22 February.

Navarre's Department of Culture has tasked the Baluarte Foundation with launching a recruitment drive to find an artistic director for the 2018 edition of Navarre's Punto de Vista International Docu-mentary Film Festival. 

The requirements, terms and conditions are already on the webpage of Punto de Vista, Navarre's Department of Culture and of the Baluarte Foundation. The deadline for applications is 22 February. 

Duties of the Festival's Artistic Director 

The Festival's Artistic Director shall be responsible for performing the following duties: 

  • Presenting a project that defines the contents of the Festival, expressly detailing the content of the different sections and setting out the execution of the programme.
  • Drawing up the Festival programme, within the established timeframe and on budget, in accordance with the criteria of sustainability. Proposing projects and artists. Making contacts and coordinating with artists and other guest professionals.
  • Drafting an introductory text for the festival, as well as for each section of the festival, to be pub-lished in the catalogue and on the festival webpage.
  • Writing a script for the Festival's Closing Gala Ceremony, together with the festival coordinators.
  • Choosing the members of the Festival's Selection Committee, on which the artistic director shall also sit as an ordinary member.
  • Choosing the members of the Festival's Official Jury.
  • Selecting which filmmakers shall compete in the X Films Project, as well as the members of the Selection Committee for said project.
  • Designing the communications plan, in collaboration with the coordinators.
  • Representation: participating in acts and events to promote and raise the profile of the festival, as determined by the Department of Culture.
  • Attending film festivals, in accordance with a roadmap agreed upon with the coordinators, in order to find possible titles for the festival programme. 

In accordance with the terms and conditions, the Department of Culture (Dirección General de Cul-tura - DGC) and the Baluarte Foundation (FB) shall be responsible for coordinating, producing, and managing the festival, as well as managing the programme's human resources and finances. 

Furthermore, the Festival’s Creative Director shall also be assisted by a Supervisory Committee, and shall work with a Selection Committee, made up of five international experts in documentary film, responsible for selecting films. These individuals shall also include the new artistic director. 


Candidates must hold a higher university degree and have proven experience that guarantees their ability to meet the film festival's targets. They must be able to prove they have a minimum of three years' experience in public or private cultural organisations, particularly within the film industry. They must be a Spanish or EU national, and be registered as Self-Employed in Spain on the date the position starts, providing all necessary documentation. 

They must also submit a statement regarding possible conflicts of interest, and must present an application to the committee should they wish to carry out any other activities within the same sphere. 

Projects may be presented in Spanish or Basque. Knowledge of English, Basque, or other EU languages is also an advantage. 

Anyone interested in applying for the position must send the documentation required in the terms and conditions by registered post to: Fundación Baluarte, Plaza Baluarte s/n Pamplona 31002, indicating on the envelope “Convocatoria para la dirección artística de Punto de Vista - Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Navarra. 

The Baluarte Foundation shall draw up a contract for the person selected, for a total amount of 15,000 euros by way of fees for undertaking the artistic direction of the 2018 edition of the Festival. The contract shall remain in force from the day following its signing until 31 May 2018. 

The Baluarte Foundation shall cover specific expenses for any travel that is strictly necessary in the performance of the duties required of the position, up to a maximum of 2,000 euros. 


Gobierno de Navarra Cultura Navarra
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte Teatro Gayarre
Fundación Caja Navarra Planetario de Pamplona Filmoteca de Navarra Acción Cultural Española

Audio-lab Drac Màgic Artium
Dferia Iberescena Azala Espacio

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