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Gipuzkoa-born filmmaker Jaione Camborda directs the Punto de Vista 2018 intro
Gipuzkoa-born filmmaker Jaione Camborda directs the Punto de Vista 2018 intro
The festival will also screen her short film “Rapa das bestas”.

“A portrait which reacts to the slightest signals of a body, to movement which declines likes a tense and stops, revealing a secret”. So defines Jaione Camborda the untitled piece she has created for the intro to the 12th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, to be held in Pamplona from the 5th to the 10th of March.

The intro, soon to be published on the Punto de Vista website and its social networks, will be screened before each session held as part of the festival. With this new intro, Punto de Vista resumes its commitment to raising the profile of young filmmakers after several editions in which they have been made from excerpts from films, such as last year, when a fragment from Jorge Oteiza’s Urbia was used. For a number of years after 2010, this hallmark of the festival was commissioned out to different up-and-coming names in cinema, like Víctor Iriarte, Fernando Franco, Daniel Cuberta, Kikol Grau or British filmmaker Simon Ellis.

Camborda will also be taking part in the forthcoming edition of the Navarra-based festival with her short film Rapa das bestas (2017) as part of the Paisaia session, alongside other filmmakers from the Basque Country and Navarra like Koldo Almandoz, Jesús María Palacios or Iñigo Jiménez.

Born in San Sebastian in 1983, Jaione Camborda studied Filmmaking at the Prague Film School (FAMU) and Art Direction in Munich (HFF). She combines her work as director with scriptwriting, art direction and executive production. In 2011, she founded the production company Esnatu Zinema, with which she is making a name for herself as the director of pieces shot on film. Her filmography includes Arima (2017), Proba Axilidade (2015); Nimbus (2015) and Lilit (2015).


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