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Punto de vista will expand the Educational Programme
Punto de vista will expand the Educational Programme
It will include workshops, short animated films or film documentaries for children among others.

The Festival has announced its intention to expand the Educational Programme, which it initiated in the previous edition to open up to new audiences. Therefore, this year it will expand considerably, with more educational activities and a particular focus on child and young audiences.


Punto de Vista aims to open up to this community with a series of audio-visual awareness and appreciation programmes, giving these demographics tools to construct their own perspectives towards the reality that surrounds them, developing critical thought and also transforming them into bearers of these values in their own environments.


The Educational Programme will include the “All cities possible” workshop, given by the film-makers Maider Fernández and Aitor Gametxo; the “Activísimo!” workshop with the Columbian artist Iván Argote; a “Children’s Cycle” with short animated films and film documentaries for children; the “Matinee school sessions” with screenings for different centres around the city; the “Images via” workshop given by Arantza Santesteban and Mari Luiz Esteban; and finally the “Dràc Magic Workshop”, by the Dràc Magic group from Barcelona and about film documentaries and the perspective of gender for Baccalaureate students.


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