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Punto de Vista Collection
30 films make up the Official Selection of the Punto de Vista 2019 festival
30 films make up the Official Selection of the Punto de Vista 2019 festival
30 films from 18 countries make up the Official Selection of the 13th edition of the Punto de Vista festival, which will be held in Pamplona from 11 to 16 March 2019. Twenty-eight of them will compete for one of the three prizes awarded by the official jury.

The films from the most international edition of Punto de Vista come from Canada, Chile, Argentina, Germany, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Indonesia, Belgium, Zambia, France, the Dominican Republic, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Iran, Spain, Portugal and India. The Official Selection presents -in 10 programmes- a selection of films that reflect a wide variety of contemporary and avant-garde audiovisual languages, with a large range of themes: the construction of memory, the exploration of sound, the relationship between maternity and contemporary creation or the concept of the portrait, among others.

Major figures of contemporary filmmaking such as Deborah Stratman, Robert, Beavers, Eduardo Williams, Luke Fowler and Ute Aurand will be some of the directors in the Official Selection. In the selection process the programmers Nuria Cubas, Matías Piñeiro, María Palacios Cruz, Miguel Zozaya and Garbiñe Ortega have participated.


1. ALTIPLANO, Malena Szlam (Canada, Chile, Argentina. 16’) Premiere in Spain.
2. BACKYARD, Khaled Abdulwahed (Germany. 26’) Premiere in Spain.
3. BLACK POND, Jessica Sarah Rinland (UK/USA.43’)
4. CENIZA VERDE, Pablo Mazzolo (Argentina. 12’)
5. CHOOKA, Ryan Ferko, Parastoo Anoushahpour and Faraz Anoushahpour (Iran, Canada. 22’) Premiere in Spain.
6. CURUPIRA, Félix Blume (Mexico, France. 35’) Premiere in Spain.
7. DER KLANG, DIE WELT...(out of competition), Robert Beavers (USA, Germany 4') Premiere in Spain.
8. DOWN CLAIBORNE, Moira Tierney (Ireland/USA. 50’) Premiere in Spain.
9. I HOPE I´M LOUD WHEN I´M DEAD, Beatrice Gibson (UK. 21’) Premiere in Spain.
10. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE A FILM, Nazli Dinçel (USA. 13’) Premiere in Spain.
11. JATIWANGI, George Clark (Indonesia/UK. 25’) Premiere in Spain.
12. LISA (out of competition), Ute Aurand (Germany. 4’) Premiere in Spain.
13. MUM´S CARDS, Luke Fowler (UK. 9’) Premiere in Spain.
14. NAISSANCE DES ETOILES, John Price (Canada. 12’). Premiere in Spain.
15. O HORIZON, The Otolith Group (India/UK. 81’) Premiere in Spain.
16. OJO GUAREÑA, Edurne Rubio (Belgium/Spain. 60’)
17. ORBAINAK, Jorge Moneo Quintana (Spain. 29’) World premiere.
18. PARSI, Eduardo Williams (Argentina/Zambia/France. 23’) Premiere in Spain.
19. PAST PERFECT, Jorge Jácome (Portugal. 21’) Premiere in Spain
20. POLLY ONE, Kevin Jerome Everson (USA. 6’) Premiere in Spain.
21. RUSHING GREEN WITH HORSES, Ute Aurand (Germany. 82’) Premiere in Spain.
22. SHRINE, Robert Todd (USA. 19’) Premiere in Spain.
23. SONIA, Jaime Guerra (Dominican Republic. 6’) World premiere.
24. THE GLASS NOTE, Mary Helena Clark (USA. 9’) Premiere in Spain.
25. THE HAUNTED, Saodat Ismailova (Uzbekistan. 24’)
26. THE SUN QUARTET, PART 2: SAN JUAN RIVER, Colectivo Los ingrávidos (Mexico. 13’). Premiere in Spain.
27. UNA LUNA DE HIERRO, Francisco Rodríguez (Chile/France. 29’)
28. VEVER (FOR BARBARA), Deborah Stratman (USA. 12’) Premiere in Spain.
29. WITTNERCHROME NOTES I AND II, Nick Collins (UK. 6’) World premiere.
30. WORDS, PLANETS, Laida Lertxundi (Spain/USA. 11’)


The Official Jury will award the following prizes:

▪ Gran Premio Punto de Vista for the best film: 10,000 euros. The prize will be awarded to the film considered the best in the Official Selection of the festival, regardless of its duration or nationality.

▪ Premio Jean Vigo for the best director: 5,000 euros. The prize pays a specific tribute to the figure of Jean Vigo and will be awarded to the film in the Official Selection that best represents the ethical and formal values stated in his work.

▪ Prize for the best short: 3.000 euros. Awarded to the best film with a duration equal to or less than 35 minutes.

The following special prizes are also awarded:

▪ Special Public Prize for the best film: 1,650 euros.

▪ Youth Prize for the best film: 1,500 euros.


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