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Punto de Vista presents Jonás Trueba's ‘Quién lo impide’ project to young audiences
Punto de Vista presents Jonás Trueba's ‘Quién lo impide’ project to young audiences
The thirteenth edition of the International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra invites young and teenage audiences to think about the formats of cinema within its Educational Programme.

Punto de Vista invites young people to discover a cinema project by the film maker from Madrid Jonás Trueba as part of the festival's extensive Educational Programme. This project, entitled ‘Quién lo impide’ ('Who's Stopping You''), transcends the traditional formats of film and its usual means of distribution with the aim of expanding and breaking into different settings.

On Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th March, as part of the festival programme at Baluarte and the Filmoteca de Navarra, Jonás Trueba will be guiding those present through a project whose very title is a declaration of intentions: it is a call to change the way we see adolescence and youth, but it is also a way of seeing film-making - freer and more open, done with few resources and a minimal team of people, on the basis of time, perseverance and attitude.

The session on Monday in the Cámara de Baluarte will be a showing open to the public, where the film Sólo somos (We Just Are) will be shown. Trueba, accompanied by two of the teenagers who feature in the films, will talk about them and discuss them with the audience. The film is a 90-minute feature in which a small group of teenagers consider their own representation. We start to see them as possible fictional characters while many other young people ask questions, contribute more thoughts and possibilities, together constructing the possible future film.

The session on Tuesday at the Filmoteca will be a private double bill for students at schools in Pamplona, where the films Tú también lo has vivido (It's Happened To You Too) and Si vamos 28 volvemos 28 (If 28 Of Us Go 28 Come Back). As in the previous day's session, Trueba and two of the young people featured in the films will talk about them and discuss them with the audience.

Tú también lo has vivido is a 55-minute feature in which fifty testimonies by teenagers return our faith in the future, but also tell us about their hopes, fears and sorrows. All of them confide in the camera, showing generosity, emotion, humour and intelligence.

Si vamos 28 volvemos 28 is a feature lasting 80 minutes in which a sixth-form class go on their own end-of-year trip; a trip that becomes a sociological group portrait that captures highly individual moments of maturity and abandon, loneliness and inclusion, love and cruelty.


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