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The Navarra International Documentary Film Festival, Punto de Vista, will celebrate its 12th edition from 5th to 10th March 2018. It will be Garbiñe Ortega’s first edition as Artistic Director of the event following her appointment last April. 

The 2018 Punto de Vista programme, which will be held in Baluarte, Navarra Conference Centre and Auditorium, will address the crossroads between languages and artists who work with what is real through a new section called DOKBIZIA. The festival will devote a retrospective and a publication to the theme of correspondence between filmmakers and delves into its surroundings, programming activities in spaces, such as the Planetarium and the Gayarre Theatre. 

The new Artistic Director, Garbiñe Ortega, and her team have selected the films that will form part of the Official Section. 867 works registered for this 12th edition. Furthermore, the festival maintains its traditional awards: Gran Premio Punto de Vista for the Best Film, Jean Vigo Award for the Best Director, Award for the Best Short Film, Special Award from the Audience and the Youth Award. 

The curator from Vitoria, Garbiñe Ortega, presents a festival that delves into the essence of this event with state of the art documentary: “a place for reflection and the exhibition of proposals with a strong mixed and hybrid identity. The programme is committed to this plurality and heterogeneity from the call for three qualities: the living, the hybrid and the common, offering a programme that includes not only the Official Section, retrospective and special sessions, but an important space for another type of artistic proposals and formats, such as performative conferences, stage and site-specific pieces in which visual artists, choreographers, philosophers and filmmakers will come together to (re)think real forms from the complexity of the present”. 

For seven days a year, Pamplona becomes the centre of gravity of documentary film. Productions from all over the world compete with their different forms of capturing reality from their independent and necessary point of view. The Official Section is open to the whole range of contemporary non-fiction film styles and registers. One of the first film events of the year inludes the best of the previous year and launches the most interesting proposals of the future.

The spirit of the competition does not call for deception: with each film, the filmmakers try to go beyond the paths that have already been trodden with a clesr ethical commitment. From here, there is absolute freedom in contents and forms. The jury will value their quality and originality and, above all, their capacity to “open our eyes and help us to see beyond appearances” in the words of Jean Vigo.

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