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DOKBIZIA is an interdisciplinary encounter that sets out to stimulate a cross-pollination between language and artists who are working on reality. The programme, which deals with the documentary genre on and outside the screen, proposes a journey in different formats: projections, performative conferences, staged and site-specific pieces, and performances. It will also be attended by filmmakers, visual artists, writers and performers.

Contemporary practices are increasingly impure in terms of their formal approach to working with reality. DOKBIZIA wants to attract practices and discourses from other domains, ones that otherwise would not come together to exchange, reflect and live out the experience of reality from different angles.

Curated by Garbiñe Ortega

“The voice never lies”, said Meredith Monk. The voice is a universal channel but also an instrument in itself, with endless nuances, textures and tones that sometimes contain meaning, while at other times proposing new forms of communication that are removed from the word.

This cycle proposes an interdisciplinary encounter that brings together fillmmakers, theoreticians, sound artists, writers and performers under Monk's premise, which is both suggestive and thought-provoking. The experimental session titled “Los aires llevan mentiras” of Niño de Elche, the film making and the 'forensic' research into listening of the Lebanese artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan, the whispered cinema of the writer Ixiar Rozas in “Mapa ez da paisaia”, the mantras on contemporary ills and their care proposed by the dancer Idoia Zabaleta in the stage piece “Tengo Tiempo”, the proposition of "cinema for the ears" in the session titled “La voz como interferencia” of the sound artist and curator Xabier Erkizia, the performative conference “En voz alta” by the French filmmaker and theoretician Érik Bullot and the conference “Amor Mundi” by the writer and academic Erika Balsom make up this expanded programming cycle; we hope it will be a stimulus that will accompany us for a long time.

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