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Eva Sangiorgi, Dennis Lim and Erika Balsom make up the international jury for Punto de Vista

Punto de Vista Collection

  • lacasinegra

lacasinegra is a project that emerged for and from a profound collective consciousness. Up to now, their projects have taken them on very different paths: from the construction of an immediate look at daily life to the creation of audiovisual mapping as well as remixing, reflection on film montage or on relations between learning and audiovisual. However, there is always one premise in all of their work: to reject the answers and raise a new concern which enables them to continue moving forward.

In 2014, they released Pas à Genève, their first feature film, at the Seville Festival. Pas à Genève could be seen at different international festivals and exhibitions, such as Lima Independent (Lima), FestiFreak (Mar del Plata), Márgenes (Madrid) or the Cinema d’Autor (Barcelona) – and now online and free of charge at PLAT. It was also nominated for the Scribe Award 2014. 

  • Dostopos

Dostopos is a project created by Ana Pfaff and Ariadna Ribas where they work on the relationship between music and image in formats such as video-clip, video projection or musical documentary as creators of their own pieces, using techniques such as found footage, animated collage, negative handling or formats, such as super 8 or SD video. Recently, they showed their latest work, Luna cautiva serpiente roja bandeja de plata at L'Alternativa (Barcelona Independent Film Festival).

As an editor, Ana Pfaff has worked on films such as Estiu 1993 by Carla Simón, ReMine by Marcos M. Merino, El Gran Vuelo by Carolina Astudillo or Els tres porquets by Albert Serra. Ariadna Ribas has participated in productions by Albert Serra since 2012 and she has recently edited Júlia Ist by Elena Martín, Abrázame como antes by Jurgen Ureña, Belén by Adriana Vila or Grab and Run by Roser Corella.

  • Zazpi T'erdi

Pello Gutiérrez and David Aguilar Iñigo are two filmmaker friends who have worked together under the name of Zazpi t’erdi for the past ten years. Their work moves between documentary, video experimentation and performing arts.Their process involves joint work with artists and groups related to the call for what is real. Together, they have directed two documentary films which propose a reflection on collective memory through the eyes of women: Heroínas sem nome (Unnamed Heroines) (2010), which won a Silver Carrot Award at the Malaga Festival, and El Síndrome del Vinagre (The Vinegar Syndrome) (2017), which obtained a special mention from the jury at the 49th Alcances Festival.

Their productions include two films directed by David Aguilar: Nao Yik (2011) and Mara Mara (2016), both of which were premiered at the San Sebastian Festival and exhibited and rewarded at national and international festivals. They have also produced, filmed and edited the documentary feature film Converso (2017) directed by David Arratibel.

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