Correspondences: Jonas Mekas-José Luis Guerin

Film as dialogue. Images as conversation. Sticking to the old literary tradition of letter writing between artists –a breeding ground for creativity and discussion–, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) launched a few years ago a project to establish correspondences between filmmakers whose work is not necessarily related. Víctor Erice, Abbas Kiarostami, Isaki Lacuesta, and Naomi Kawase, among other filmmakers, have already been part of the initiative. The latest two directors to show their correspondences are Jonas Mekas and José Luis Guerin: the father of movie journals and his Catalan disciple. Together, with a digital camera, they have worked following the same plan for months: establishing audiovisual correspondences where they could apply a type of film that responds to life. What could be the outcome of the dialogue between an experienced practitioner of the film of everyday life and a newcomer to the intimate practice of images?
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