Heterodocsies 2
For the third time, Heterodocsies is being split into two subsections that have already become Punto de Vista classics. Just like Walter Benjamin’s Angel of History, Punto de Vista takes a Janus look at Spanish non-fiction film: back at the past and into the future.


Until not long ago, exile was quite overlooked in the history of Spanish film. Punto de Vista, however, has been concerned with exile for a while now. Last year, for instance, one of the In Focus sessions at the Navarra Film Library was dedicated to exile in Mexico. This time, the section will be dedicated to a key figure: José María Berzosa. Curated by Luis E. Parés, it will be a short retrospective paying tribute to a man who went into exile in France, fleeing the dictatorial regime, to become a filmmaker there. It is quite puzzling that Berzosa’s films, so deeply Spanish, were all made in France. Unearthing three of his works as selected by Parés and having the man himself at the Festival is good reason for film lovers of all ages to celebrate.

X Films

The X Films Project is back on time for its annual event. Three new young filmmakers – Greta Alfaro, Lois Patiño and Francina Verdés – are submitting their film projects to shoot in Navarra for a year. The selection committee, made up by Marina Díaz, Carolina López and María Zamora, will be choosing one of these projects to be carried out. Previous works of the three directors will be screened, and there will be open sessions in which they will present their projects to the audience.

The Festival’s last day will be the world premiere of the winner of the X Films Project 2012: Dime quién era Sanchicorrota, by Jorge Tur.


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