Isidoro Valcárcel MedinaOn 17th December 2012, the filmmaker, Oskar Alegria, began this Darkness Collection in a corner of the world called Artazu. Two years later, the film being premiered at the 2015 edition of Punto this project was issued with a sole indication: film darkness.

Filmmakers from all corners of the world have joined in. The result presents the lengthy form of mysterious correspondence. Each month, the coordinating filmmaker’s mailbox has received an average of three forms of darkness, some of which are marked Fragile on the envelope.

A tunnel in the depths of Germany, the inside of the drainage system in Massachusetts, a cave in the sea of the Berlenga Islands, a volcano that smokes and goes out with nightfall in Nicaragua, respiration focused on a nocturnal navel in San Francisco… as some examples of this journey through the  shadows. The journey is one, and takes us from a shipwreck to childhood fears as well as the idea of shelter, the deepest love, the purest uncertainty and the moon in Belo Horizonte and the moon in Boston and the moon in Ylläs. All of the forms of darkness are united, speaking the same language, the voice of the secret and of the night. A lighthouse when it turns out gives way to a toad that dies, which gives way to the happy appearance of a glow-worm, which gives way to a dancer who turns into a spider. In the darkest blackness, a thousand colours are exploited. But also a thousand fears. You just need to know how to see.

The result is 37 forms of darkness as a counterpoint to the Lumière brothers. Who said that film is made with light? Our areas of mystery and semi-darkness are made up of a chorus of films made by people who do not know each other and who do not see each other. They are all accomplices of a long and dark trail. As said in one of the films, shot in the heart of Africa: we are nobody without   darkness.

Opening times:

Tuesday 10th: de 11 a 14h y de 17 a 19.30h
From Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th: from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 9pm.

THE DARKNESS COLLECTION: VARIOUS AUTHORS, 167’. The film will be screened in the form of a loop in the Baluarte Muralla Hall and entry is permitted throughout the festival.

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